Monday, May 14, 2018

Seven More Fixed from Lebanon, Brownsville

So today seven more local cats were fixed.

I went up to Lebanon on Saturday evening, unprepared, forgot extra traps, forgot my line, to tie around a bottle for selective trapping.

It worked out anyway.

She found a seven foot piece of old curtain pull line and she had an empty Mountain Dew bottle too. These old things are all I need to selectively trap for unfixed cats among fixed ones.

I'd left her a trap a couple days earlier to feed the cats in.  She has several she feeds that were fixed a long time ago.  They have ear tips.  But then she had four females, who had produced litter after litter of kittens.  She'd found the kittens the day before under a tarp.  First she found five, then she found three more.   The teen female had been dragging a half dead kitten around and finally left it in the dirt.  An older female took it under the tarp where the other kittens were but it is unclear if it survived.  Teen moms aren't very good mothers usually.

She'd given one kitten to a neighbor who'd just lost her own cat.  She was hit by a car.

KATA took four others.  Then her niece took the final three.

So all was good to catch the females.

And it did not take long.   I took off the bungee that had held the trap open so it wouldn't spring.  I propped up the door of the trap with the Mountain Dew bottle now filled with water.  I tied the line around the bottle neck.  We put a big paper plate of dry and wet food mixed in the back of the trap.  Very quickly the cats swarmed the trap.  A fixed male ate in there awhile and then finally had his fill and then two unfixed females went in together and I pulled the bottle out from under the door with the line and we had the first two.  I transferred one to my second trap then I had to drive all the way home with them, and get a couple more traps.  But it took only ten minutes once back to catch the other two females, one at a time. 

So those four got fixed today.  All girls.

I named this one Betty Bitchy but the lady actually calls her The Bitch.  Not sure why.  Seems nice enough to me.

This is Ganja.


Velvetina!  This is the bad teen mom.

That was it then.  I had the day off Sunday pretty much.  I'm still caring for an orange boy, who is sick, who was trapped at the trailer park in Albany, in the garage.  He's really wild but the woman who trapped him had antibiotics for him and so I lace his wet food with the antibiotics and he eats them down.   I'd like to wash his face off but he'd tear mine off if I tried.  He's getting lots better and will be fixed Thursday.  So I cared for him Sunday and the girls, but the other three who went to be fixed today were brought up from Brownsville.

One is a big unfixed tame male.  Someone called my friend down there about him, thought he'd been hit by a car.  His feet were so bloody.  But he has pillow paws, or, pododermatitis.  It's a horrible autoimmune disease that is sometimes secondary to FIV or other viral infections.  But he was negative.  She took him to the vet Friday who put him on Doxicycline and he'll be on it a long time and maybe it will help and maybe it won't.  But in the meantime, he was such a stinky boy, he had to be neutered.  She had named him Carl.

Carl of Brownsville

One of Carl's swollen bloody paw pads.
Then another bunch showed up at the stables where she takes care of other cats.  These are fed at a house nearby.   Six at least, but we got the first two in, two girls, and low and behold Bella was post partum and had just had kittens, the vet said, maybe yesterday in fact.  So after she was spayed, Diana rushed her back to that house, where the cats go under it and that's likely where her newborns are.  Will they survive?  Don't know.  They often do.

Bella had just had kittens, but was fixed and we didn't find that out til the vet called to say so.  And advised immediate return to where she came from so that is what Diana did.
The other cat fixed from that location was the only female of the six girls that was not post partum.  She wasn't even pregnant.

Miss Priss is actually very sweet, with a bobtail and was just mewing when I took the photo.
So that's the story of cats fixed today.   And that is all I have to say too.  Ha!'s a photo of Sly, the orange sick boy from the trailer park.  He looked like death warmed over when he first came and that's when I took the photo.



  1. Poor Sly.
    And indeed poor all of these cats. And how lucky they are that you, and other concerned people have just made a positive change for them. Thank you.

  2. It never ends, does it.

    1. For me, it will end. When I die.

  3. That's a priceless photo of the bad teen mom seeming to say, "Forgive me. I didn't know any better."

    You continue to do such wonderful work.

    1. She's a sweetie, that bad teen mom.

  4. Wow! Thank you thank you thank you. Take care of yourself, my dear. Hope you are having a good day.

    1. A relaxing day, returned the four Lebanon girls, but did pick up a semi feral teen mom with five 3 day old kittens, all now in my bathroom.