Monday, May 21, 2018

A Stinky Carload

Well, as is the usual with cat round up, things went awry.  Some cats I thought were for sure's to come, to be fixed, didn't make it, so I had to scrounge up others.  I often now rely on the caregivers themselves to catch the cats, which is easier on my body.

The lady who feeds Gigi, the torti with kittens in my bathroom, and Blackie, a male, who was fixed last Thursday at Heartland, also feeds an orange boy.   I took her a trap and she caught him, thank goodness.   Then some folks who feed at an apartment complex had called.  They said two were tame enough to get by hand but by last night, they only had the one they called Sophie and were sure it was a girl.  But as I arrived to pick up Sophie, the buff orange male showed up.  I quickly scruffed him and backed him into a carrier.  He was not a happy boy about that trickery.

I had already stopped in Lebanon at the house where five fixed cats were cared for by an older woman who had died.  I had finally tasked her son with pulling the string to to drop the drop trap over them, since they know him, and since the failure of the remote control device for drop traps I had bought.  It's got a fatal flaw in its stand design.   Trash!    However, I have a redo for it already in my head, so once I get my drop trap back, I'll work on that.

He called me that he'd got two of the three left under the trap.  He then had to babysit the trap, with it fully covered until I arrived to transfer them into live traps.  Poor babies were so frightened.

Only their sibling, Buttons, left to catch there.  Meow Village has a home that will take all five of them together.

Also Diana was going to bring up four more cats from the house near the stables.  But she only got three.  All three are identical looking gray tabby boys.   So I only had six to take up in the end.  And by this morning, when I got a whiff of "Sophie" I knew Sophie was a boy too.

Six boys.  Lots of stink!

Mo, one of the Brownsville boys fixed today

Larry, another of the boys from Brownsville

And, you can probably guess the third boy's name--Curly!
This is Strawberry, a Lebanon boy fixed today.  He also needed a convenia injection for fight wounds.

This is the delightful buff boy Max whom I scruffed so he could be fixed today.

And a boy named Sophie.  I think its a fine name for such a pretty boy.
And then the two poor kitties whose caretaker died, whom I took to Meow Village after dropping the six boys at the clinic are Nightnight and Sylvester.   They went into a cage next to Ivy and Blackie, their friends from the same place.


So that was the day today.  Three of the boys, the ones from Brownsville, went home.  I'll take the other three home tomorrow.


  1. Another good day for the cat world. Thank you. Also, I have had two cats that I thought were girls that turned out to be boys. It's hard sometimes with the young ones. At least it is for me.

    1. Sophie has long black hair too, so really hard to see. You'd have to smell the boy, which wasn't hard with him, or feel him up.

  2. Good job! And I'm thrilled whenever folks cooperate with you, let alone help a little. It's about time. I wish more people were that way. ~hugs~ Great names, all! Such pretty babies. Best wishes to them, and you, my dear, as always.

    1. Yes, it can be very tough to get people to lift a finger, even to help themselves.