Tuesday, January 02, 2018

An Empty Bathroom and a New Start

All the bathroom kittens are gone now.  Pisces and Twilight went to a home today with a friend of the lady who took Copper.  Maybe they can have play dates.  Copper is doing well in her home by now too which is a great relief to me.

Suzie, a.k.a. Cupcake, the real estate house adult girl, already got a home, never even made it to a Petsmart or Petco cage to wait.   CAFA, a Salem rescue, made that happen.  This is wonderful news to hear.

So its a new start to the new year and my bathroom, which has held countless cats and kittens over the last ten years, is once again empty.

Once again I intend to focus efforts on spay neuter.

I feel satisfied with all the work done in the last year, all the cats fixed and off the streets too.  I've met some very nice people too.

Thank you to all of you who helped make it happen, through donations of all sorts and encouraging words.  It's easy to get discouraged or depressed or bitter towards people doing this sort of work.

Kind words make a huge difference.  So thank you.

My back is still healing from the dryer incident but better.  Might be a couple weeks (I hope) before it gets back to normal.   I'm trying to take it easy, but that is not something I do very well--sitting still.

So Happy New Year everyone and lets all hope the next year is most excellent.


  1. Excellent news again. And I do hope you can let your poor abused back heal.

  2. Of course many of us admire you hugely for efforts in the world of cats. Off topic, the other day I heard a travel newspaper writer speak about places tourists don't normally visit. He heaped lavish praise on Oregon, for its vibrancy and its natural beauty. I hope your 2018 is most excellent.

  3. That's a true measure of success--an empty bathroom after all of the rescue cats found homes. Hooray! Best wishes for continued success of your selfless work in the new year.

  4. Happy New Year to you, too.