Saturday, July 15, 2017

See You Around Precious, Teala, Tuzio and Bro's

Precious left the building yesterday, along with her four kittens.  Yes, FOUR kittens.  Two more were found Thursday, in the mill next to the trailer park.   The last was in bad shape, very dehydrated.  By the time I got to Tracy's trailer, (she'd gone to fetch them), she and her husband were syringe feeding them water, which they badly needed.   I mixed wet food into water and started in giving them that, with the insulin syringes Tracy had.  Her husband had to take a break from binge watching Breaking Bad to do it.

It was a miracle they survived.
Precious and her brood, not long after the reunion.  Tuzio is first, on left, then Teala, then the most dehydrated of her two latest boys found, and on the far right, one boy can't leave alone the bowl of KMR.  Thank you Elaine!

Precious, Teala and Tuzio were already scheduled to head up to ARCF yesterday, and they quickly agreed to take the two newcomers to the family.

The reunion was unbelievable.  I brought them into the bathroom together in a live trap and sat them on the counter.  Precious became frantic to get them out.  Below, on the floor, Teala and Tuzio were going nuts, wanting up to see them.  I picked them up to put them on the counter with mom and got the boys out of the trap.

Precious was gloriously happy to see them, chirping and purring in a glow of motherly love and relief.     I hadn't known what was troubling her.  Sometimes the young mom would slap at me.  No more slapping after her two boys were found and they were all back together.

Yes, both tabby on white and both little boys, one so dehydrated he was in trouble.  I gave him sub cu fluids and flea treatment.   By yesterday morning, still they had so many live fleas, I was horrified.  I gave them baths, and the water was red with flea dirt.   I cleaned out their ears, filthy with mite gunk too and treated them with some ivermectin mixed into ear cleaner I got at the coast vet.  More fluids, now eye meds, (they'd eaten probably too much in the night) and off we went north to Wilsonville to meet up with ARCF.

I have a lot of faith in ARCF.  They work with a  vet clinic closely and are very ethical in their foster care of unwanted cats and kittens.  I was very relieved ARCF would take them on.

I was there at the trailer park trapping kittens at another trailer.   I got four of the five kittens and mom, so tiny she was caught in a kitten trap.   The people who fed her call her Nita. They told me both Nita and George were abandoned when very young, not much more than kittens, by people in another trailer when they moved.   We also caught George, the black tux male they fed.   They're still trying to catch that last little kitten and I have no doubt they'll succeed.
Very petite Nita

One of Nita's four kittens.  The four here are 3 boys and one girl.

Two more of Nita's kittens

And the last

This is black tux George.  You can't see him very well.  He's a nice boy, although wild, a polite boy, I'd have to say.
I was assisted in trapping the kittens and cats at that trailer by the couple's caregiver, and young daughter, who is only about ten, I'd guess.  They're still after the final kitten.

In talking to neighbors, I found a stray black tux tame female, unfixed, and couldn't leave her behind.   I guess KATA took her kittens.   She's probably pregnant again.  I had understood a black tux was the mother of some kittens around the corner, that the people are fostering to give up to KATA, but had been told they took that mom.   I'll have to clarify, because what if their mother is out there roaming still too, and unfixed.

So the black tux female, Raven, is here too, and I have a home lined up for her after she is fixed Monday.  Thank you Melissa for adopting Raven!

Nita and George may be going to my barn home placement friend.  I think she may have two openings this week.  I hope she can take them this week, anyhow. There are many more up there needing help.  Her kittens are old enough to be on their own.  That leaves her four kittens (five once the fifth is caught) plus the three already in the bathroom still from the sticks above Lebanon.  Zephyr, Sapphire and Mosquito are still here.  Zephyr is a tame boy now and likely will go to Second Chance Companions.

Around these parts, maybe everywhere, we wait on affordable spay neuter appointments.  It's ridiculous how difficult it can be to find affordable spay neuter and sure is contributing factor to feline overpopulation.

I was surrounded by people at the trailer park wanting to complain to me about all the new rules there with the new owners.  There is nothing I can do about any of it but try to get the cats out and to safety, however, besides just listening.


  1. While I know you have made a huge impact on stray cats and desexing in your area, do you feel you have made a big impact? Do you feel confidence that you have almost sorted out a big problem?

    1. No, I don't. People are lazy Andrew, and nowadays, they do things on impulse and often expect others to solve problems for them. There are few people like me who relentlessly pursue unfixed kitties, to get that done and I will die soon, you know, I'm old now, in my sixties. To solve the problem, affordable spay neuter needs to be common and easy, and information on how to trap and trap loan stations must be widespread, as well as a general public disrespect for those who do not fix their pets and enforcement by landlords.

    2. This is one reason I doubt I will make a lasting difference....stupidity in Oregon probably everywhere, knows no bounds.

  2. What a beautiful scene you describe when Precious was reunited with her kittens. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  3. I felt so warm reading about all these accomplishments and the kind people working with you. I'm sorry you feel so hopeless. ~hugs~ Be well, my dear.

    1. Well not hopeless while I can do what I can do, but I don't have faith things will change long term I suppose. I could be wrong.

    2. Let's hope the good in people throttles out careless, selfish evil (I know it can be hard to believe).

    3. I'm in somewhat of a mood, Darla, having been told this morning the people with the one little kitten left, gave up trapping last night, demanded I get my traps NOW, that was this morning, and seemingly are going to leave a little tiny kitten on its own, rather than make an effort. Has really affected me today. I thought they would try. They didn't and won't.

  4. Wonderful news. You really have made a huge difference. Yes, there is more to be done, but that more would be even bigger without your efforts...