Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kittens, Kittens, Everywhere Kittens

My bathroom is full of kittens, two from Mountain Shadows, plus their mom, and three from the hills beyond Lebanon.  Only two of the kittens are fixed.  Zephyr and Sapphire.  Mosquito, their sibling, is much smaller.

There is only one other kitten out there to catch.  They still have one trap, and after several misadventures, recatching the mom cat many times, and even a relatives small dog, they caught Mosquito.

One to go.  I know they can do it!!

Teala and Tuzio, Precious's two kittens, are a lot of fun.  Teala especially is a character, wildly playful and fun, but oh so smart too.
Tuzio in the back, Sapphire in the front


Awesome Teala

Hormonal Precious

Meanwhile Precious herself wants petted and held so badly, but often suddenly slaps me, when I'm petting her.  She's had some hormonal and stress issues, since bringing her kittens in, to that trailer in Sweet Home, so I would guess very soon she'll be back to normal.

So that's the story.  And if that isn't enough kitten cuteness, check out Teala in the video below:


  1. The kittens are cute - but I prefer cats. That said, we went past some rescue kittens today. And my eyes leaked. Not ready yet. Soon. Ish.

    1. I bet, EC, hard to get over a loss. But with so many unwanted cats around.....well, you know, go for it! Let yourself go!

  2. Pls send Tuzio stop Will credit your account stop Andrew stop

    1. Haha, Andrew, wish I could!!!

  3. I cannot imagine caring for so many cats. Tilly is keeping me busy of late by doing wacky things. I may need to get her to the vet again and see what's what. Hyperthyroidism and its medication can cause a lot of side affects, though. Bless you, my dear! I hope the knee is better.