Monday, July 17, 2017

The Lake

I went to the lake yesterday.  I had to get away.  My mind was distracted by several happenings.

Both involved kittens who were too quickly given up upon.

The guy from the sticks colony doesn't want to bother with trapping the last kitten there, he says.  He's too busy.

The Mountain Shadows tenants who had wanted a mother cat and her kittens removed plus a male never really tried seriously to get the last kitten, after I left with four kittens, the mom and the male.  The guy demanded I come get the traps NOW.  I responded it was quite a drive up there.  This made no difference to him.  The attitude combined with horror for that last kitten, on its own, without mom or siblings suddenly, kept me unfocused and wanting to cry off and on all day Saturday.

Then came the fence issue with the neighbor.  Her and her son were out putting the piece back up that was illegal to begin with, on this property, not hers, whose post destroyed the underground downspout drain line, rests against the foundation of this house and has caused under house water problems.  I had the unholy task of telling her "no", to leave it off.  I told her it was a permanent removal when I took it off for the heat pump repair.

She went somewhat bananas when I told her "no".  Then she demanded I get rid of the section.  It's her fence that she put up, and she should take some responsibility and dispose of the section.  But she is not that kind of a person.  I tried to carry it around to the back but my knee gave out and I dropped it on my toe, which began to bleed where it hit.  So I just left it laying in the yard.

I decided I had to get some relaxation.  Early Sunday morning I loaded the raft, after taking care of all the cats here, including the extras, and headed to the lake.

I didn't swim because my knee won't do sideways movement, like to frog or scissors kick, but I did row around the lake and up the river for about four hours, and many many miles.

The lake, which is really a reservoir, and we drink the water from it, is not looking good.  Algae and weeds were plentiful as was trash and soapy foam in many places.  People had built teepee lean-to's in spots, and I could smell their purpose.   I didn't want to think about human feces and piss a couple feet off the lake.  Do people think before they do these things?  That's our drinking water.


 I went up river from the reservoir and found it quieter and cleaner, for the most part and relaxed beneath a rope swing

On the way back home, I picked up a tame male, Jynx, from Mountain Shadows whose owners want him fixed.  He will be fixed today, along with 3 others from Mountain Shadows, two of whom will leave with a friend, who will meet me at the clinic, to be placed as barn cats.  Another, the tame black tux Raven, will leave tonight too, to her new home.  And I'll take Jynx back to his owner tonight.

Here are the five cats being fixed today.  All five are from Mountain Shadows.  I realized one of Nita's kittens looked big enough to be fixed and sure enough, he was just over 2 pounds.  So Jules is being fixed.

Jules, Nita's biggest boy, being fixed today.
George a big boy from Mountain Shadows, who was allegedly abandoned, when not much more than a kitten, along with Nita, by residents, is being fixed today.  He and Nita will leave from the clinic with my friend who places barn cats.

Nita, the little mom, also being fixed.  She will leave, with her friend George, with a friend, who places barn cats.
Raven from Mountain Shadows is being fixed today.  Tonight, she will go to her new home.  Melissa has a bedroom set up for her already.   She's going to have a much better life.

Jynx from Mountain Shadows is also being fixed today.  He's owned in the park, but his owner wants him fixed and he's needed it for awhile!  He goes home tonight to recuperate with his family.


  1. I hope the lake worked some calming magic. Sigh on people who can't keep their garbage to themselves.
    And, as always, thank you.

    1. Thanks EC, yes I love being on the water, wanted to stay forever, really. Thought what it might be like to live on the river, in a boat, just catch fish and eat fruit and nuts, sleep, lounge, swim, but then I remembered I live in Oregon and its freezing and rainy most of the year.

  2. You are so amazing, making a difference in the face of ugly adversity. The lake doesn't look like much of a refuge. That and the a-holes you put up with would have me wanting to crawl in a hole. Thank you for remaining strong.

    1. Thanks Darla, no its a bit discouraging the filth at the lake that people create with abandon, and no regard for others, the water or the future. But I found a place up the river away from the speed boats and smell of gas that hung on the air, from inefficient boats and jet skis, that was quieter and maybe cleaner.