Wednesday, July 05, 2017

No Break

I was unable to take a break yesterday, for any sort of celebration of the 4th.

The heat cool system replacement was set for today.  I needed to prepare, by taking apart the garage cat room.  So I did, laboriously, as it was over 90 degrees in the garage.  At one point, I felt about to collapse, as I forgot to drink enough water.  At that point, I also cursed my ways, of using too many screws when I build something, so it is difficult to take apart.

The garage is a mess of things moved and parts taken off the cat room, to store, until the heat cool system repair is done with.  The garage cat room sat over the access to under the house, where the system coolant lines run.  That's why I had to tear two walls of it out and it was not easy.

By nightfall my exhaustion was full on.  Didn't help that then the booms of fireworks began.  Every year, authorities warn against purchase and use of illegal fireworks.  But it's a joke  because they never enforce any of these laws.  In my neighborhood, at least four displays of private and highly illegal fireworks were booming off within three blocks of me.  The most notable, behind the house across the street from me.  They make no effort to hide their cannons or noise.   They know here in town the police turn a blind eye.

When I see them shot up, all I think about is the thousands of dollars being blown away like that.   Same as I think when there are elections and all that money spent on those, like burning money that could be used for something useful.

Apparently in town here, there are people with so much money literally they can burn it away, in a few moments of big booms.  Must be nice.  Those big illegal fireworks are sure not cheap.

I watched them for awhile then had to go back to work, preparing the garage for the heat cool people.  I was so tired, I wanted to lay down on the cement and sleep.  When I did go to bed, knee pain kept me moaning for a couple hours, before I packed it in ice for the night.

Morning came too early but they're here and everything is cleared for them so I hope its an easy replacement and fix and when they're gone I can sleep.  My eyes barely will stay open.

Garage cat room before I took much of it apart

And after.  I'll have to rebuild it.  
Willy is still here and so is Blessed, the old torti.  Both are from Mountain Shadows, where it is crunch time for the cats, with almost no one willing to help.   The feeding ban is in effect now and there are so many cats in trouble, it is overwhelming.  I just want to cry.

Well that's it, too sleepy to even think.


  1. I hope you have cooling.
    And rest.

  2. I wish I could help out. ~hugs~ May the a/c repair go swimmingly and a miracle come through for all the cats.