Friday, June 30, 2017

No More Kittens

Yesterday, I took four kittens, two from the Lebanon drug house and two from the hills beyond Lebanon---Chilly, Knickers, Sticks and Stones, up to Christi, a friend, who fosters through Second Chance Companions.  I will miss those little bastards, tearing around my bathroom, unwinding the toilet paper and generally creating a blissful mess.

Willy, the big Maine Coon type boy, a delight himself, is now alone in the bathroom.  I have an appointment the 13th to relinquish him to Safehaven.  I told them I'd do my best to find him somewhere before then.  They are overloaded, as are all shelters and rescues.

Willy is wildly playful and very loving.
Blessed, pronounced in two syllables, the old torti, is in the garage, and can't come in the house until she gets over a bad upper respiratory.  Both she and Willy are victims of the new owners and their no feed outside cats policy.  Both were desperately starved when trapped.

Blessed has been at Mountain Shadows forever.  She was likely born there. She already had an ear tip and is of Lucy's generation.  I took Lucy and Pepper, two old gals in sorry shape, in from Mountain Shadows last year, when fixing cats there.  Pepper died shortly after. She was severely hyperthyroid and it had gone on too long. Lucy, however, is thriving here.

Blessed is too old to be a barn cat.  She will likely remain here, as her days upon this earth are not long.

Course I thought that about Lucy too and she's going strong.

Blessed is content to eat and sleep for now.  She's on meds and needs some teeth pulled.  Thanks again to Elaine, for sending canned KMR, because its not only helps the kittens, but also old gals like Blessed.
Also yesterday, wild torti Taquita, went to my friend in Portland who finds unwanted wild cats barn homes.  I felt so bad for her, she was so scared.  It's hard on them, to leave everything familiar behind.  Taquita too was born in Mountain Shadows trailer park.  I wish she could have just lived out her life there.  I got her fixed over a year ago.

Sorry about the bad photo, my phone takes horrible snapshots.

Five cats moved on yesterday, to new lives.  I can only hope for the best for all of those precious lives.

There is so little mercy out there for living things, within some souls.  And yet other souls work hard to mitigate human harm and to help them.  I run into these souls every day, in parking lots, where kittens are handed off, at spay neuter clinics, and online.

I believe today the car saga will take a new turn.  I found the form I need from the lender in a priority mail envelope yesterday on my porch.  Today I go to the DMV and soon the new old catmobile will be titled in my name.  However.....

Even just the second time I drove the new old car, suddenly three codes appear on the dash.  Damn, I thought, when that happened on the way home from picking up Sticks and Stones, after they got in a trap.  I reset the computer by removing the battery negative terminal and thought everything was good until the same codes appeared yesterday when returning from Portland, where I'd handed off the kittens and Taquita.

I believe the old owner knew about the codes that arise because when I got home with the car, after purchasing it, and finally opened the hood, the fuse box lid was laying atop the battery.  I thought that was odd.  Until now.  Some people reset the computer by removing fuses.  I think he knew.

I won't buy a car off craigslist again.   I went to O'Reilly's to have the codes read, looked them up and believe its probably just misfiring. That was after an hour of research online and reading forums about these particular codes and their meanings.   I bought new plugs and replaced them last night.  When I have the money, I will replace all four coil packs at once.

Update:  the dash codes vanished without reset this morning, after I replaced the plugs last night on Catmobile Two.  Let's hope that will do it.   Also, I got the old catmobile fixed.  I had made an appointment for it before I bought the other one, and kept it, after I experienced difficulty clearing the title on the other one, figuring I might never be able to and I better hedge my bets and double down.  The car had a bad starter.  It was replaced and the old catmobile is good to go again, the ultimate cat hauler, and boy, on a hot day, it smells like it.


  1. Cat piddle (particularly male cat piddle) is a really, really hard pong to remove. As you know.
    Glad to hear that you have not one but two cars at the moment. And thank you for all you do. As always.

  2. A two car family of one! An old used car dealer trick, put in a new battery and new spark plugs and it will be fine. Modern cars are so good now, not much can go wrong with them.

    1. I have arrived! At two car family! They are good, just imagine the one car with pretty near 300k miles on it, how many times those pistons have gone up and down up and down and it still runs. It's incredible really,

  3. Two working cars! That has only happened with all of your internet research and determination to make the old one go. 300K--amazing.

  4. Wish I could show up at your door and help. So glad you got the older car going again. Best wishes!