Monday, July 10, 2017

Marching On

Onward I march, like some dutiful ant.

Fixing cats, enduring pain, plastering the smile on my face.

Yeah, my knee.  Not so much cured.  Still a bulbous aching "thing".

Another appointment tomorrow.

Feel like a cripple now.

The heat cool people came and replaced the system.  Yahoo!  Took them 11 hours.   I was stuck inside the entire day because their truck blocked in my car.   I had told them that was ok. That was when I thought it would be some four hour job or so.   Inside the temps climbed to over 90 degrees.  I suffered, but it was the last day of suffering so I knew I could make it through.  I suffered too because the day before, the 4th of July, while everyone celebrated and did things with family, I worked til after midnight to take apart the garage cat room, so the company could have under house access.

Two days later I rebuilt it.  None of these things helped my bad knee.

Willy went north to Felines First.  I will miss that wonderful boy.  I heard an application was made to adopt him already.  Someone with a parrot and a senior blind pig.  I think Willy might fit in there.

Blessed left yesterday to her new home.
Blessed, now named Clementine

She'll be back to go get her vet care, including bad teeth pulled.  The bad teeth drainage creates continuous mess so she won't look clean til those go.  But for now she's in her new home and her new name is Clementine. I will miss that lovely girl, so thankful to be loved again and have food.  She's getting a complimentary groom and bath today from a groomer---Nora, who is also a Kitty Angel Team Adoption (KATA) volunteer!

Precious, the Mountain Shadows little mom, is being fixed today.  Her two kittens, Tuzio and Teala, are in the bathroom creating chaos while she's gone.  The toilet paper roll was toast when I returned from taking Precious and six others over to Heartland to be fixed this morning.
Preciious from Mountain Shadows is being fixed today.
Teala, her girl kitten and quite the wild player!
A kitten's work is never done

Caught two more kittens out in the sticks above Lebanon.   Named them Sapphire and Zephyr.  They want Sapphire back, but not so much Zephyr.   Sapphire and Zephyr are being fixed today. Two more to catch out there.
Sapphire and Zephyr

Getting three more fixed from the Lebanon street.  You know, the usual place, where already I removed 19 and got 2 others fixed who returned.  These three, a young mom, and two kittens, make 24 helped there, with four to go, but the four kittens still needing fixed are not yet big enough.  So finishing that one dead end street.
Tigger, a skinny little mom cat, mom to the four littler kittens, still not big enough to be fixed.  She's on the left.  Oreo's two boys, Cicha and Blue, are being fixed today with Tigger.  Oreo was spayed awhile back.

And finally there is Whiskers.  He's getting fixed today too.  He got posted as found on a facebook lost pets page.  Poster said he'd been in her yard 3 days now and was so skinny but wasn't feeding him.  A relative went over to feed him, then a friend of hers went and got him, brought him here.  I went to that street and found his owner rather quickly.   I then asked if she wanted him fixed and she said yes, so he's getting fixed before he goes home.

Meanwhile grass seed harvest, hay baling, straw baling, etc, go on in the valley creating quite the mess of pollen and dust.  And K Family Farms was selling strawberries and now cherries and blueberries.

Got me some blueberries

Chicory about to seed.  I forget what they make of the seed oil

Hidden Valley Road.  Been trapping up there.

The South Santiam at Waterloo park.

You know how I like taking trash photos.

Can't leave without a Miss D photo.  Getting a bath from friend Starry.

And napping with best friend Slurpy
I better get back into the marching line, snuck off for a bit, to pound out this post.  They'll get me though, if I don't get back into the marching line and march onward.


  1. I am so glad to hear you have cool again.
    And grateful for all that you do.

  2. I think coffee essence is made from chickory. It must be nice to have proper cooling now.

    1. I think you are right, Andrew.

    2. Chicory is in the dandelion family, and coffee isn't made from chicory, but chicory can be added to coffee to give it a little different flavor. I'm from Mississippi, and a famous brand down there that comes with chicory is Luzianne.

  3. Chickory in coffee was very popular in New Orleans when we lived there. So happy to hear your cooling unit is fixed. Now if you could only get the same thing for your knee.

    1. I forgot about it being the old style coffee.

  4. I don't know what happened to my post from last night but I forgot to ask your plans for all those blueberries, anyway. Enjoy! And be well. I hope your knee improves soon.

    1. I froze 3/4 of them, and have been eating the rest, plain and in smoothies.

  5. There was an American Masters documentary on Dorothea Lang that I saw recently. I can’t find it now, but she said something about the trash in the foreground of a photograph she took of a beautiful adobe dwelling. I paraphrase: “A documentary photographer can’t move the trash; an artist must.” Another quote I found by her while looking for that one was: “One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind.” And again: “Life, for people, begins to crumble on the edges; they don't realize it.” You, of course, very much know it in regard to your knee, but perhaps the knee is an aspect of age itself, and the saying very much applies to age. I’m just sick about your knee, and I’m wondering what the diagnosis is, what has being done, and what more can be done.

    I heard Kellyanne Conway tell an audience of Christians that doing away with Obamacare is a moral necessity, and other Republicans have said the same. Their’s is a world turned upside down so that what is good is called evil and what is evil is called good, and they say it in the name of Christ. I think of you, knowing that Republicans would deny you medical care in the name of morality. Oh, by god, the sham, the horror, the conceit, the callousness of these people is beyond words, but enough of that.

    Have you had a steroid shot? Do you have any of those Therapy Gel blue ice packs to drape over your knee. BiMart used to have them, and maybe still does.

    As to the 4th, it was just Peggy, me, and the cats. I relate to your feeling that the rest of the world is out enjoying holidays together while you are left alone. Without Peggy, I would be alone because at this point, I don’t have a single other friend; I just have a few acquaintances who I rarely see.

    I had bitched at Peggy for a while about the horrible in her abdomen and I finally just made a doctor’s appt for her. He ordered blood tests and a CAT scan. When I heard the word CAT scan, the word tumor came into my mind. Yesterday, her blood tests came back, and they showed an elevated level of something that suggests pancreatic cancer. It’s not through the roof, and it could be nothing, but we won’t know until she schedules her CAT scan, which she hesitated to do until she saw that test result. I couldn’t make it without her, and I think of you, and I don’t know how you (and others I know) survive. Are you just that much stronger than I? I know that your cats give you meaning, and I fully believe in your strength and your goodness. I know of no one whom I respect as I do you.