Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Bathroom Full of Kittens!

I am not an adoption group!  Ha!

I don't take in cats!  Ha!

Right now I have four kittens in my bathroom and a big male from Mountain Shadows!  Willy is good to the kittens as I knew he would be.

He was found starved with diarrhea at the trailer park where the feeding ban is soon to start.  But the diarrhea was simply tapeworm caused and easily resolved.  He was crawling in fleas.  Willy is a Maine Coon mix, with long legs and a laid back happy loving attitude.  I hope to find him an adoption venue soon.
Willy LOVES to play

Chilly and Knickers are two of the bathroom kittens, from the Lebanon drug house.  Their siblings left awhile back as did their mom.   Thursday they too will leave, for Vancouver, WA.  And going with them, two darn sweet little boys, from the sticks outside Lebanon.   I got their mom fixed and never saw the kittens, but was told they were 3 months old.   But when two of them turned up in a trap and weighed in at just over a pound each, I knew they were closer to five weeks old.  They are darling.

I haven't named them yet.

Chilly on the left and his apprentice, one of the boys from the sticks, on the right.

The other little boy.  He's just darling. 

The darker little boy from the sticks.  Their transition to tame life has been aided by a kind donation of KMR, from Vancouver.  Not Vancouver WA, Vancouver B.C.  Thank you Elaine!  They love their KMR!

Grenadine, their mom, was fixed a week ago Monday, but daddy was fixed Monday at Heartland.  I named him Dillon.
Dillon went back home yesterday.  The four kittens leave tomorrow.  But Willy still needs a new place to call home or an adoption venue, which means a shelter or rescue with a way to adopt out wonderful cats like Willy, taking him on.  I've asked both the local shelters.

In other news, the heat/cooling people were supposed to come Friday to replace the system, but have now put that off until next Wednesday.  I have not cleared the new old car's title yet.  I got some letter of lien release, but not the form I asked the lender to fill out, even FAXed to them, the one required by the Oregon DMV.  However I did get a call from the competent employee there Monday morning who said she sent it out Monday by priority mail after she realized the proper form had not been included by whomever "took care of it" when she went home early, sick, on Friday.  I'm so happy I found her there at the lender in New York.  She's one of those people who gets the job done and done right.

I have a place now for four more Mountain Shadows ferals.  There is the torti, being held in the interim, down in Brownsville, who can go.   When I got the news, about a placement for four, I ran traps clear to Sweet Home that same night, to a resident, so she could try for more.  She caught one more, already fixed a year ago, so that's two caught.  I wish two more could be caught to go.  I have to get the pair also to Portland tomorrow.

Switching computers has been "interesting".  Trying to get back into all my favorite places, remembering passwords, its not that easy for me, but I'm almost there.  I now use a combo of two donated computers, a laptop that came clear from Nebraska and a tower from a Portland friend.  I could not have survived without this help from far away friends!


  1. 'Tis the season. Thank you, Jody.

  2. If I was closer I would adopt Willie in a heart beat.
    Thank you for being you.

    1. Oh man alive, I sure wish you could adopt him, EC. YOu'd love him and I'd know he had a good home.

  3. Nothing cuter than kittens. Thanks for helping them.

  4. So much news! Best wishes on all fronts, my dear.