Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Shedd Colony--Creating Peace on Earth

I was going to trap an Albany colony and a Lebanon one for tomorrow's reservations.  I just had six reservations, and was hoping to get all four Albany cats and throw in two Lebanon girls.

But, things went south on the Albany cats when the caregiver had to go somewhere.  Instead, I headed out to a Shedd colony I'd just been told about. I was gifted 3 more spay neuter reservations, for a total of 9.  The caretakers are very nice and were gone, which I knew might make it easy to trap most of them.

Many look very much alike!   I've caught 8 so far, but have seen six others, including 3 huge males who badly need to be fixed, to settle things down out there.

These are six of the eight I've caught thus far.

Here are some I didn't catch:

This is a dominant male. I already dubbed him Mr. Hormone.
I've not caught either of these two.  The little long hair on the left is a girl, I think, because that massive bobtail gray tab tux beside her is a boy.  He would not tolerate a teen male near him.  Not at this time of year.  I call the big gray tux Harold, and the little gray long hair Maude.  Kind of a reverse thing on the movie.
I haven't caught this big male either.  He limps, probably from a fight with one of the other big guys.  And because he seems older, and less a fighter, more a wannabe or havtabe, but trying to keep up, I him call GrampaStud.
I haven't caught this little short tail either.  He's got to be a boy, because the big short hair brown tabby male took after him.  I'm calling him Runner, because that's all I saw him do---run, from this big guy or that one.
Soon, when I catch them all and they all get fixed, there will be no more fighting, no more screeching and marking.   I call it Creating Peace on Earth through Surgical Procedure.

It would work for humans too, but we have too many issues surrounding reproduction to consider it.  So we have peace protests, an oxymoron if I've ever heard one, and armies fighting and leaders posturing like male cats on a fence.  I see the solution so clearly!!

Oregon is one dismal place.  Winter's last stand is fierce and so far winter has beat back spring in an epic rout.  Everything and everyone is soggy to the core, wet and wind swept and grumbling or locked, loaded and ready to fire off at one wrong word or perceived glance their direction.   The smart people took off a long time ago.   The rest of us endure, like old growth trees, barely showing our misery, taking it, bending this way and that, shivering and cursing and hopeful.

Church of Booze

Architecture Lost
Well, I still have traps set out near Shedd.   Already have 8 cats for the 9 reservations.   But this day is cold, wet and miserable enough.  May as well do something useful if I can't lay in bed dreaming of sun.


  1. The amazing similarities in those cats suggest a dominant tom. And I do like your idea for peace and harmony through surgery. A lot.

    1. Don't we all wish for harmony at last even if achieved through surgical procedure! Bwa ha ha.

  2. I am really not keen on old unfixed male cats. Not sure why. Your non cat photos are depressing. Think of you approaching summer and boating on the lake. In our poorer areas there are always lots of liquour outlets and gambling venues.

    1. OUr county is quite poor, so it looks like that all over. Yes, its depressing. I do hope the summer comes soon and with a vengence.

  3. I wish you could have been at my house yesterday. We had a beautiful day. I couldn't get my partner off the couch. ~frown~ You and I could have gone boating and hiking at the nearby park!

    Good job keeping on. You do great works. And I, too, both like your surgical solution idea for worldwide peace and was awed by the similarity in those first several photos. Take care!

    1. We could have had a great time!!!!! Making it happen in my imagination!