Thursday, March 02, 2017

Two Former County Park Cats Leave the Valley

My car is running.   I'm happy about that.

It needs other work, but the other work will have to wait.

I drove the car to Portland yesterday with two former county park cats, Autumn and Gracie.  I'd retrieved them from where they were originally in my relocation cages, because the woman had let the other four go after only a few days.  They were not eating there anyway, and something was pulling their wet food out of the cage.  A raccoon probably.  That had to terrify those girls.

I kept them here a few days, until they began eating and pooping, then yesterday drove the pair up to Odd Cat Out.

It was also my birthday and I was in a mood over that.  I felt bad.  I don't know why.  It's like being alone on a holiday I guess.   Homes in the fact you got nobody.

It had gotten to me too, to see a cat at the county park, rush across the field when he saw my car.   It was Buddy, a cat the park host said he was going to take with him.  Instead, Buddy is on his own too.  And already has lost considerable weight.   Buddy is tame but wouldn't come to me.  It doesn't take long for a tame cat, who has suffered the great betrayal of abandonment, to turn scared.  He doesn't know what to do now or who to trust.

Autumn, the last unfixed cat at the park, finally fixed just a few weeks ago, on the left and Original Gracie on the right.  They were all eyes, watching the cats immediately, after we put them in the acclimation cage at OCO.  They won't have to be inside it too long there, because when let out, they are confined to the big barn.  They won't be free roaming.

Little Tyke, or, Original Gracie, as she was called in the park.  She had many litters before I caught her and got her fixed in September last year.

Keni, who runs OCO, took me out to lunch after we got them set up.   I had a sandwich and lemonade but the lemonade was real, contained citrus, and soon my stomach was doing the citrus dance.  I can't handle lemons or cranberries.  I made a rush for the bathroom and lost the lunch I'd just eaten.

Generally lemonade does not bother me since rarely is it made these days with real lemons.

See ya, Autumn and Gracie.  Have fun up there.  Most cats do.  Far cry from the brambles.

I saw Majestic, whom I first saw filthy and scratched up, crouched behind the Albany complex last summer.   He looked like Pigpen, the Peanuts character.  They didn't want him back there.  First he went to Cats, but they couldn't handle him he was so huge.  So now he's at OCO.  He has some eye congestion going on, but is on eye drops for it.  He hates getting them administered, Keni said.   He's even bigger now!

I'm extremely grateful to Keni and OCO for taking in the girls yesterday and Majestic too, last summer.

Majestic is a character, massive and yet cuddley, with a bit of attitude thrown in for good measure.
I wanted to mention Nala, who had lived in a Sweet Home trailer park.   I got her and a boy who lived there also, fixed early summer.   When visiting the trailer park a couple months ago, I was shown the boy cat, who had been taken in by other tenants, and told Nala was now on her own and those people who owned them had been evicted for drug use and left them.   I mentioned Nala's plight to a Sweet Home woman with a small cat nonprofit.  Well, she went and retrieved Nala herself a couple weeks after I told her.   I was thrilled.

Nala, taken early last summer, when I took her to be fixed at the FCCO.


  1. Happy belated birthday.
    Thank you (so much) for all you do.
    I love that you have found some kindred spirits too.

    1. I've known Keni for years. OCO is a division of Poppa Inc, that used to fund all the spays and neuters til they closed their spay neuter mission. But they're clear up in the Portland area, unfortunately, which is a very long drive. Or I would go see Majestic more often and check how Autumn and Gracie adjust. Even though they are wild, even one familiar face they trust can be helpful to them, give a cat reasurance all is ok.

  2. Happy birthday. I really hope you have your best year yet. You deserve it for all that you do. My heart goes out to each of those cats, and to you. Hugs.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! You got yourself a pretty good present--a car that runs. I hope it keeps on giving.

  4. Happy belated Birthday! Didn't you have a wonderful one last year? Or am I thinking of a holiday? At any rate, I'm sorry you felt alone but thrilled your car is running and thankful for all your great works. ~hugs~ Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Darla. I don't think I"ve ever done anything on my birthday but maybe I forgot.

    2. You are probably correct and I'm thinking of another time of year. I just seem to recall visits with both brothers and lunch with a friend within a short period of time. ~hmmm~ Maybe I'm crazy. ~hugs~ Best wishes!

  5. Happy belated birthday :) guess what? I just adopted two cats!!

    1. Now that is terrific news!