Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Three Lovely Girls

I keep getting extra cats here, who then need somewhere to go.

Last week I had six extras, the three Albany colony girl kittens, plus 3 from Waterloo park.  Five of those six are gone, 3 went to Felines First Rescue, who already adopted out Simon and Susie.  I think Darkly is still awaiting a home.  The black sisters from the Albany colony, Rum and Jamaica, went to the grand daughter of the colony caretaker.

So I was left with Arizona, as an extra here.  She's now tame, minus her sisters.  That happens a lot.  

Not sure how she'd react to strangers, but Heartland didn't have to knock her out with anesthesia to take blood for an FIV/Felk test and microchip yesterday.  That's a good sign.  She got that while Zoey, the tame relinquished torti from the complex, was spayed.

Zoey's wild sister, fixed yesterday at Willamette Humane, turns out to not be wild.  Last night I brought her into the bathroom, to apply eye meds, since she has a mild URI, and she started rolling around to be petted.  I thought it was "anesthesia drunk" that made her  behave that way, but this morning, same thing.  So she is loose in the bathroom with her sis now.  I knew I hadn't missed a kitten last June when I trapped there.  I figure she was also grabbed by tenants and given to another tenant who then turned her out.

I have 3 lovely girls, all fixed, vaccinated and two have been tested, ready for homes.  Want a kitty?  Choose two or take all three!!!

Zoey sleeping it off after surgery last night

Trouble, in the bathroom last night, blurry after surgery
Arizona, having fun in general population.   She just wants to play and curl up next to adult cats.  Unfortunately, she's meeting some of my very crotchety old kitties.  (Most cats here are over 8, and half are over 10 now).  Can Arizona free my grumpy old cats' inner kitten?  If anyone can, its her!
Meanwhile, Ruff went home to his people last night and Galaxy is about to go home. Galaxy had quite small "equipment", the tech told me, after his neuter, so I didn't feel as bad I never spotted those tell tale round you-know-whats, so wondered if Galaxy might even be female or an already neutered male.  Nope, he wasn't neutered yet,  but he is now.

Size doesn't matter.

I heart Galaxy!


Maybe because he looks so much Slinko.

When I was looking for another cat to take to be fixed, I remembered the parrot lady had said the orange cat I once saw in her neighborhood was back and eating on her porch.

 I really love the parrot lady.  Her parrot rides around with her in her car and sleeps with her.   I got a lot of cats fixed in her neighborhood and she is so gracious and thankful.  She watches out for the area cats too, gets them in for shots, flea treats them if the owners can't afford it, a very lovely neighbor to have.  

So I called the Parrot lady and had a nice chat.  Of course, and I figured it probably was so,  before I even called, she had lured the orange boy in, and despite her age, maybe mid 70's, wrangled him into a carrier and carted him off to be fixed and have shots.  Now she says he is the biggest sweetest baby ever.

Check that orange boy off my "need to be fixed" list!   Thanks to the Parrot Lady and her big heart.


  1. How beautiful they are. The tabby looks like Brewsky, and the little lady below the tabby looks like Scully. Some cats have it as good as Trump’s children, and others die young due to poverty, there being no justice.

    I don’t know how you can love so much (I would be too overwhelmed to cope, I think). I heard on the news that Alaska now requires divorce courts to consider the welfare of the couple’s pets, and I immediately it is a trend that will continue, and that the day will come when the masses no longer regard cats and dogs as nothing more than property, as if they don’t have feelings, rights, and are too insignificant to matter.

    You’re my sweetie, Strayer, and I love you. I know I haven’t been around much lately, but never imagine that such times have anything to do with you.

    1. Thank you Snow. I know you're there, and appreciate knowing that. When you gave me your number to call should I end up with car problems out in the middle of nowhere, I knew and thank you, because it means a great deal.

  2. Oh, you always have such cuties. They are so blessed by you, because of you. There is a special place in heaven for you...with St. Francis. Hugs.

    1. I would love to meet St. Francis!

  3. How does one sleep with a parrot?

    1. You would ask me that. She does, I saw the mat she sleeps on, in the kitchen no less. She has plastic down everywhere and a perch by the mat where she sleeps although she says sometimes he is on her forehead at night.

    2. "You would ask me that."

      Indeed she would. Just look at the name of her blog--ha. What I want to know is (I don't really expect you to know this), if a parrot is on your forehead and has to pee or poop, does the parrot go elsewhere to do it?

    3. I don't think so.

  4. Bless the Parrot Lady and you!

    1. Yes, bless the parrot lady. Thanks Darla. She's one blessed soul, I think.