Monday, January 30, 2017

The Cats Being Fixed Today

First a bit of news.  To get a Maddies Fund grant, last spring, I signed up Happy Cat Club, to register monthly statistics with an ally of Maddies Fund---Shelter Animals Count.  Since I keep records, I was able to fill in the three months before the recruitment grant for the program began.   I have the first years intake number.  This includes cats Happy Cat Club took in for spay neuter and returned, and cats HCC took off the streets, to adopt out or transfer to other rescues and shelters.   It does not include cats here I took for dental care.   Ready?  430 cats helped last year.   Not bad for little old me.  430 CATS!

Four more cats are being fixed today.

Three of them, Galaxy, Trouble (named after the character in the Oregon filmed Grimm TV show) and Ruff, are up being fixed at Willamette Humane.

The fourth, Zoey, a classic torti with unusual markings, only 8 months old, and tame, is being fixed at Heartland.  She was relinquished from the complex where Galaxy and Trouble come from.  Trouble is Zoey's sister, but wild, since she was not grabbed or even noticed as a kitten.   Zoey lived with a young couple, since a few weeks after she was born.  But then they had a baby and Zoey was left alone a lot and was quite lonely.  So they are giving her up.  But first, she gets fixed.

Felines First Rescue, the same rescue who recently took Darkly, Simon and Susie, will take her, and maybe Arizona too, who is taming nicely, since her sisters, Rum and Jamaica, left.  Arizona is over being tested and chipped today.  I am hoping she and Zoey will buddy up and can be adopted out as a bonded pair.

Ruff comes from Lebanon and lived partially inside a garage.  Two ladies care for him, his sister, whom they got fixed, and his brother, who still needs caught to be fixed.   Ruff is a massive orange tabby tux.

Here come some photos!




Let's hope all five of these kitties now have better lives.


  1. I can only repeat, 430 cats!!! You should be nominated for an Australia Day award......umm, well your equivalent.

  2. That's amazing, but you are amazing. :)

  3. I agree with all the above. Awesome!

  4. 430 cats! Wow! Awesome job!