Friday, February 03, 2017

Happy Cat Club's January 2017 Activity Video Plus Awesome Zoey

Zoey, the gorgeous torti teen, from the Albany complex, has come out of her shell.  She is sleek, long and lanky but a bit underweight.  I didn't know how she would do here, as she grew up alone, and was often left alone.  Most young cats adjust however.

She is doing very well.

First she was going to one Portland rescue but I had no money to drive her clear up to them, at that time, was so broke from a confluence of unfortunate events.  Then Heartland offered, on Monday, when I took her in to their surgery to be spayed, to take her on Wednesday.   This offer was a huge relief, financially and because it meant I wouldn't be caught up in the hell it can be to drive her up to Portland.  Getting in and out of that city can take forever, due to congestion.   But when I called Heartland on Wednesday, ready to take her over, they said they couldn't take her in, due to an influx of cats, but may have room towards the end of February.  'Oh shoot,' I thought, 'what now.'

Didn't help I still have Arizona here, who is free roaming and thriving, running wild, playing fiercely, having a ball.  She's got Slinko wrestling with her, of all cats.  And now the Portland area got hit by another freezing rain episode.  Will winter never end?

And Zoey's sister Trouble, who grew up outside, at the same complex where she lived inside, with tenants, is sick.  She too was fixed Monday like her sister Zoey, but she was fixed at whs, with two other ferals, because I thought she was and because I knew she would get the $15 convenia injection, an antibiotic that lasts about two weeks in their system.  She needed that.   But she's still here recuperating from the cold and....pretty much tame already.  I am still helping her with daily fluids.  She's awkward tame so far, not sure how its supposed to be done, but she will learn.

Another rescue has offered to take Zoey once the ice is gone.  That's great news.  A big relief.  In the meantime, I am awestruck by Zoey, her beauty and brains, and loving playful nature.

Zoey!  She's wonderful.  She's vocal, smart, doesn't want left alone, and playful.

I have new neighbors.  They've just begun the move in.  I haven't even got a good look yet to see who they might be.   Sure I'm nervous.  Just hope they're nice people.  I'm sure they will be.  Used to old Jack there for many years then having some free space there, when he died.  I liked it empty.  What's not to like about not having close neighbors.  Now its me who will have to adjust.


  1. What a sweet post! This is a happy one, for sure! Hugs!

  2. You are very clever with your video making. Good luck with the neighbours. Start with positive thoughts and assume they will be nice, at least.

  3. What a nice description of Zoey. If I didn't live so far away AND have enough cats already, I'd take her in a heartbeat.

  4. I agree with every comment, especially those from Andrew. May warm vibes surround you!