Friday, November 18, 2016

On and On and On it Goes. 10 More Local Cats Fixed

I am worn out and worn thin.  Going to bed very very soon!

I waited til Wednesday to trap two Sweet Home situations.  Just tired out I guess.   I thought the one at the lone house across the tracks along the highway would be easy.   It wasn't.  Seems the cats really do only show up to eat at 5:30 a.m.  I got there at 9:00 a.m.  Not a cat to be seen.  I came back way later and caught only four of the six.  Nice old guy feeds them.  He's funny.

They were a big boy and 3 of the 4 teens.  I didn't catch one teen and worse, I didn't catch mom cat.
This guy was huge, and very happy to get back home today.

This gray tux boy was one of the teens.

This sweet black tux teen was also fixed yesterday.

The gray tux again.

The only girl of the four I caught there so far, and looks Siamese!  Just a teen and fixed yesterday.
I'd also been referred to a kindly Sweet Home woman with four wild things, a mom and her grown 3 kittens, in her garage.  She had intended to tame them but the kittens were too old by then.  When I arrived to catch them, in the driveway stood three woman.  One was 85.  One, her daughter, 61 and her daughter in law.  All wore heavy leather gloves.  "Ah," I thought, "ready to rumble."  And they were.  We caught all four quickly.  Natural born cat wranglers--all three.
Garage calico, fixed yesterday.

Black tux boy, and a sweetie.

Mom of all, a darling calico

The teen calico again

Tabby on white boy.   They had named him Lily.  Whether they rename him now knowing he's a boy, I bet they don't.  Lily fits him anyway.
Between catching the garage cats, and going back and forth to try to catch the track cats at the other Sweet Home colony, I ended up at the county park again.  I had reservations for two cats and hoped to catch the muted torti teen and her muted torti mom.

Well, I had luck and did catch the muted torti mom!  She got fixed too yesterday.  Except I got bad news.  She was lactating.  When I heard, I wanted to scream out "Nooooo" so loud it would be like one of those commercials where someone screams and the camera shot breaks to canyons, where you hear the scream echo, then out on the ocean and you hear it there too......

I was waiting at the county park hopeful after catching the mom cat that her teen daughter would show.  Instead, this guy showed up....

Goliath, king of the table
This is what happens, Goliath, when you show up unfixed and I have a trap....
Goliath is fixed now too
This is Autumn, the lactating muted torti, but now she is fixed.
So when I returned her today,  quickly spotted these guys....

And we trapped them....

They are up at Julies.   Dodged a bullet there.  Seemed to be only the three but who knows.

I was about to leave finally, finally come home to sleep, which I need, when this guy dares march out of the brush unfixed....


Guess where he is now.  In a trap in my garage.  Neuter date:  Monday, buddy.

I spotted Tokyo, who is long fixed.....

And decided to name the gray boy Moscow.  Getting geographic with names.

So, now, finally, I'm going to bed.


  1. Goliath looks very cross. It's good to hear SOME people chip in and help when you are helping them.

    1. He was not happy at all. both those colony caretakers, the old man and the old woman also paid my gas and donated to the FCCO, who fixed the cats. Which was very very nice for a change.

  2. Lovely to hear of some assistance for a change.
    Sleep well. You deserve it - and more.

  3. A male cat named Lily - how cute! Reminds me of the Johnny Cash song "A Boy Named Sue". Bless you and your charges, my dear.

  4. I didn't get the photos (internet just too damned slow)... but I can't even begin to tell you how much I admire you. You are a true inspiration!

  5. Love the siamese one! So pretty. Moscow looks like a majestic mountain cat. So wild!
    You have quite the adventures with the kittehs, don't you? :)

  6. It is good the hear that you had some positive interactions with people while catching the cats. You were due and I hope you are all rested up by now.

  7. I love to see these posts, all the cats and all the cages. There's two of us and we only have the energy for 1 cat at a time. It's so emotionally draining. Well Done!
    Where are the predators? Central CA is full of coyotes and wild dogs. At our small colony, most females only survive a year (even after being neutered) and the males, only 2 or 3 years, before we never see them again. Even in my neighborhood, outside cats rarely last more than a few years. Life is tough out there, isn't it!