Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hairball Slide and Trip to the Affordable Clinic

After finishing the big situation down in Harrisburg, in just four days, I had to take a break.

My knee was killing me, along with my right leg, even my right foot.   I knew I'd need to rest awhile.

Felines First Rescue had asked me to transport a cat of theirs, although the cat had already been adopted.  FIV positive Zepplin, a sweet orange tabby male, needed full mouth extractions and his new owner could not afford that.  So FFR had told him they would help by getting him to the affordable clinic.  I agreed to the trip as transporter.  FFR made two appointments so I could take one of the cats here.
Zepplin went with me yesterday

Monday morning, when I awoke, I noticed someone had coughed up a hairball, nearly in the bedroom doorway.   I simply stepped over it.  I wanted my morning coffee and got the tea pot on the stove and turned up the heat.

I went back to the computer and later heard the pot scream it was ready.  Forgetting everything else, eager for my first cup of coffee, one of life's great joys, I ran for the kitchen.  And hit the hairball with my  left foot!

I went sliding forward, my left leg straight out as I went down. Fortunately I have some extra padding.   But the toes on my right foot caught on the door jam. So as I fell, with forward momentum, my right knee bent backward and sideways awkwardly.

I sat there on the floor howling in pain.

I finally realized I could move, and crawled/scooted to the kitchen for my coffee.

I got up and realized I seemed ok.   I was sore again, on my right knee and leg later, but everything worked which is a big plus at my age.  I put an ice bag anywhere I thought might need it, tied them on with lengths of cloth, and plopped in a chair to sip my coffee.

Yesterday I left at 4:30 a.m. with Shaulin, my abby tabby seven year old, in a live trap, headed first to Portland then across to the coast.  I met Feline First Rescue at a Shell station off highway 217 to pick up Zepplin, the reason the trip was initiated.

The weather was terrible all the way to Portland and beyond, to Astoria.  I figured I was in for a day spent in the car.  I had a sleeping bag in the back and some books to read.

I dropped the two cats off at the clinic by 8:15 then headed for Seaside.  FFR had paid half the gas but also gave me $10 for lunch.  Well, I hadn't had breakfast yet, so I ate out, for once, an omelet, on FFR.  It was a great omelet!

I felt like a big deal, like someone, walking into a restaurant, laying down cash, like someone with money, for breakfast.  I don't eat out much.  It's not in my budget.

By 10:15, and after waiting out a thunderstorm, I headed to the beach, figuring the rain would be back.  But it never came back!  I walked several miles on the  beach, before heading for Ecola State Park.  I don't know why I went there, instead of to some of my favorite beaches.

At Ecola, you have a few options.  One is to hike a steep but lovely trail to the top of the bluff, to the hikers camp and a great look at Terrible Tilly lighthouse, then back down.  My knee was not up for that uphill hike.   Or you can head down to Indian Beach.  But yesterday  it was underwater mostly from high tide.  Or you can go to the Ecola park overlook which offers just a view of the ocean in two directions.  I went there after seeing Indian Beach was swallowed by high tide.

I rolled out the sleeping bag in the back of the car and took an hours long nap.  I thought about driving down to gawk at tornado damage in Manzanita, but decided against it.

After I left Ecola, I headed north back to Hammond and the city hall/library.  I love this place.  Sadly, due to problems with the building, they are moving in November.   It's a friendly tiny cute library that offers a book sale section and four computers you can use.

I could not resist looking through the for sale books.  I was urged on, in friendly banter, by a librarian who said, the more I take the less they have to move.  In the end, I filled a grocery bag with books for $5.

Afterwards I kicked myself not only for coming home with about 15 more books, but also for spending the $5.  I read a lot, however, I enjoy reading.  And those books will provide me a couple months of enjoyment.  I mentioned life's little joys, like that morning cup of coffee, making it, and sitting to relax as the day begins, sipping coffee and watching the news or, if its not too rainy or cold, sitting outside with that hot cup, to watch the day break and the birds wake up.

Well, reading is also one of my little joys, especially at night, with the stars or night sky visible through my bedroom window, one light on, to read by, otherwise, the house dark, my cats warm against me, and me deep into a good book.

I took lots of photos yesterday but last night, when I went to view them on my computer, from the camera card, and clicked on one photo, they all vanished, emptying the card even of photos that had been on it for months. I do not know how that happened or why.  I was sad.  The photos you see on this post were taken on other trips.

Shaulin had to have six teeth pulled.  She also got updated on her rabies shot, droncit for tapeworms and her ears cleaned.

She behaved very well and Zepplin was no problem either.  Except he didn't wake up from anesthesia at the clinic for a long time.  They were literally sweeping the floors and emptying the garbage around me as I waited, and waited, for him to wake up enough to be released to go.

So I didn't get to leave til about 6:00 p.m. to start the 3 hour drive home.   I met a FFR foster woman at the same Shell station off 217 to hand Zepplin off and Shaulin and I proceeded the rest of the way home.

Home never looked so good either.  The happy cats waiting for me made me feel warm inside.



  1. Oh, poor you! Hope you don't have any residual effects of your fall.

  2. Not being a coffee drinker, I found it amusing that first thing you did after your fall was to crawl to the kitchen to get coffee. :)

  3. I am so sorry about your fall. I have done the same one, for very similar reasons. Cat puke rather than hairballs.
    Love that you got some books and an omelette while you were doing good. Again.

    1. My floor is slick enough if wet at all, being vinyl. A hairball, now those things slide like crazy!

  4. What a shame about the photos. As we get older we must take more care to not do things that can hurt us or aggravate sensitive areas. The library looks nice and friendly. Take care.

    1. I am so much more careful now that I am older, and I drink more water, as I've seen the problems older cats get with constipation, and with falls. Turns out Panda fell, popped her front jaw juncture apart, which led to dehydration which led to constipation. She's an old gal like me. But she has bounced back now.

  5. You are wonderful...but, you are human. I am worried about you. Prayers & hugs, my friend.

    1. I won't make the mistake of not picking a hairball up immediately. At least, in my older age, I'm still capable of learning from my mistakes.

  6. Did I tell you that I was walking behind Pirate (my favorite dog in this town) and noticed that his... ummmm... balls.... were gone? Someone spirited him off to a clinic this past summer and did the dirty deed! (YES)... then... this morning, while we were waiting for the bus, this young dog... maybe a year old... hung out with us while we waited... damn! the spittin' image of Pirate. Good thing is... no more little Pirates to be born. Made me think of you... I know... Pirate's a dog and you're a cat person... (I'm not a dog person but I love Pirate)... and I said a little prayer that your good work continues.

    1. That is awesome news, that Pirate has lost his balls! Headline news!

  7. I hope you are healing from that nasty fall. Sorry about the photos, too. What a bummer. Enjoy your books. I think it was $5 well spent because you get treated so seldom. On that note, I'm thrilled you got to enjoy breakfast out. Be well!

    1. Thanks Darla, I'm good now, knee mostly ok. I like the bag of books I got for $5, started the first last night.