Saturday, October 15, 2016

23 More Cats Fixed

Yesterday, 23 more Linn County cats were fixed.  14 were fixed from the Harrisburg colony and 9 Tangent barn cats also were fixed.

I took only 20 to the FCCO however.  3 other Harrisburg colony cats were fixed at Willamette Humane.

Darling Calico who now has a name!  Autumn!

Another little boy, fixed whs yesterday, with a name now, which is important--Pumpkin!

Little boy, now named Willow
These three were not going back, that was pre determined.

But what about the other 8 kittens under 3 lbs from the colony where nobody was getting enough to eat

Well, after she thought about it, the Salem woman who helped get the above three fixed said she would foster those 8 as well, just so they won't have to go back.   I hope to find her help with it, people willing to take on one or two of the kittens, you must be out there somewhere, people.  I know you are.  These little guys want a future with enough to eat and safety from cars and coyotes.

I was so worn out I didn't get proper photos of anybody, but the Salem woman promises she will get some.  The 8 I dropped off there last night, as rain poured down in buckets, were four boys and four girls.  The boys were all orange and white and the girls, a torti, an orange and white, and 2 calicos.

Little male orange and white, still sleepy from Anesthesia

I still have the 3 older kitties here.  they were all girls I think.

I'll return them after the storm blows through today.  We had a tornado yesterday hit the coast along with lots of wind and rain.  Driving home after dropping off the 8 kittens the skies opened up and the rain was so extreme I could barely see to drive.   A trucker ahead of me slowed way down and put on his flashers to alert the dumbshit drivers who were still driving like maniacs, including some sort of utility truck who raced past me and went hydroplaning, fishtailing back and forth on standing water.   I was happy to be crawling along and safe.

I am exhausted from the efforts of this week.   9 Tangent barn cats also were fixed at the FCCO yesterday.  The caretaker contained them, delivered them to me, and picked them up last night.

In all, 28 cats were helped from the Harrisburg colony alone.   18 of those were not returned, the tinies and the littles.  The tinies, all seven of them, are with Animal Rescue and Care Fund.  The littles, 11 of them, are with the Salem woman, who will need help taming and placing them in safe wonderful homes.

Here are some more photos of the 11 kittens, now with the Salem woman. She took these photos.   She is going to need help!

Bless the kitties, and those who help them.


  1. Hooray for those cats who didn't go back, and have a chance at a MUCH better life.
    And hooray for those cats who were fixed amd did go back and will have a better life.
    Thank you.

  2. You continue to amaze me....

  3. Amen to your closing words. You are a blessing. I wish I could hug you, and more importantly, take in every stray around my area. Bless you, my dear.