Wednesday, September 21, 2016

15 Linn County Cats Now Fixed

Long day, but I'm used to those.

The day before, Monday, In the morning, I went and drop trapped 4 teens to be fixed at one Sweet Home trailer park.  One drop of the drop trap got them all!
One of the four teens, a boy.  Three of them were boys.  Two tabby on whites and a black tux.

Second tabby on white boy teen fixed yesterday.

Black tux boy teen fixed yesterday.

And the only girl, a calico, of the four.  She would have been VERY popular with her brothers in a month or so, if you get my meaning.

I also picked up two kittens at another Sweet Home trailer park to be fixed, the last of nine now fixed from that trailer.
One of the two black male kittens, now fixed.

I believe I am down to 3 cats needing fixed in that entire trailer park, maybe only two.  Both are boys.  One orange, one black.  There may however be two black males left.

Then it was on to Waterloo park where I was to pick up two kittens from tent campers to be fixed.  They had only one.  The other had run off into the park.  I hear she is back in the tent this morning, at least.
Tent campers little darling boy, now fixed.  His mom got fixed at Heartland.

I then drove to Salem to pick up the seven cats Julie had dropped off that morning to be fixed.   All four she had were from Waterloo Park.  Simon, a big male was finally contained by the park host and was fixed, along with three kittens she had trapped there.
Park cat Simon, now fixed!

The three I had contributed were two Albany teens I'd trapped for the people who feed and a torbi girl, on her own, fed as a stray.  She's now with Julie, but needs a home.  I texted my friend, who recently lost her older kitties, a photo and sit here hoping.

Then after all that, a Brownsville woman brought up seven she had trapped at her former residence on highway 34.  She still feeds them there.  But they all need trapped, fixed and relocated.

So 15 went up with me to be fixed in the end.  Seven from Tangent, 6 from Sweet Home and 1 from Waterloo.

The Tangent seven included an adult female, four boy kittens and 2 girl kittens.  I dropped them off in Salem on the way home, after they were fixed, with a Meow Village volunteer.

One of four boy teens from Tangent

Another boy teen.  I didn't get photos of the other Tangent kittens, but there was an orange and white girl, a tabby girl and two black boys.
The adult abbytabby female, from Tangent, now with Meow Village
Today, I still have seven cats to return to Waterloo and Sweet Home.  Plus more kittens were spotted in the park, with the gray female I got fixed a couple weeks back.   There are five of them.   More kittens and I still have Loo and River here waiting and hoping for placement.


  1. The tent campers kitten just like our new kitten that someone dropped off at our house! Question - how old do they have to be before you can get them fixed?

  2. Another amazing success story. Some day your work will be done. Yes, I know, I am an optimist. An insane optimist.

  3. Amazing job! Best wishes to all.

  4. Hope you're getting some rest from all of the long, hard days you have. You deserve it.