Friday, September 02, 2016

Four Cats Fixed Yesterday

The black and whites were fixed yesterday.

Two boys unwanted in Albany.  They are a delight.  If they got fixed, they could immediately go up for adoption with a Portland area rescue, Felines First, who also took in Bluey and Toby, those little darlings from the Albany colony, and they got a home within a week, together no less.

I named the two black and white boys, Deuce and Ace.  One is a half year or so older than the other.  Today they are sleeping it off and tomorrow they go to a Petco in Tigard, I believe it is.  They are really beautiful well behaved loving boys.

This is Deuce, the older of the pair

And this is Ace, the younger, who loves Deuce!

I put them in different garage cages last night, to recuperate, as both boys were loopy from anesthesia.  But today, since Ace so wants to be with Deuce, I'll put them back together.

Then I tried to return the Lebanon female.  But the woman texted me she was at the hospital with her daughter, who had gone into labor.  But they sent a family member home to receive Maryjane, their hissy spitty black and white girl.

Brought back memories to go to that complex in Lebanon.  Years ago, a Safehaven worker asked me to fix cats there fed by a relative of hers.  There were lots and I got over a dozen caught to be fixed.  One teen had a pellet hole through his ear.  The woman who fed them was young and pregnant.  I had to step over two lazy young men, on couches, playing video games, with traps. They would not help one bit and one bragged he had fathered five children so far.   I said "and yet you don't support even one of them".   It was true.

I kept four teens, one of whom died suddenly of some heart problem.  They were so matted and starved.  I still have Panda and Soloman from that complex.  So driving in there again tore at my heart.

I did not get a photo of Maryjane, the black and white female I got fixed from there yesterday.  Their carrier had heavy plastic criss crossing on the door and I dared not open it to photograph her, with her being so angry and scared.

But here are photos of Panda and Soloman, from the same complex, whom I took out nine years ago.  They are older cats now.


Then it was off to Waterloo to return county park cat Misty.   The park host is such a kind woman and tries to help the cats there.  She intends to find Misty a home, I believe.  In the meantime, she'd caught a cat she calls Emmie, and two more kittens ran in from the briars into the carrier with Emmie.  She asked if I would take them and I did.  They're very ill.

She has four unfixed cats in her RV now, but has homes for 3 of those 4, once they are fixed.   I have more reservations end of next week.  There are other cats there too to catch and get fixed.  The park host will work on finding them homes, as I get them fixed.

Another nonprofit already caught six at the park colony which is connected to the other colony of 37 nearby.   Of those six, she returned two, once fixed, and has still four kittens, all under antibiotic treatment for URI.

So now 9 park cats have been helped too, in addition to the nearby colony where 37 were helped.  Getting there, and making a huge difference to that area!

These are the two kittens, both with severe URI's, but now on eye meds and antibiotics. I have killed their fleas and roundworms too.

And Misty, now fixed, and probably the park host will find her a great home.
I'll get some better photos of the kittens today and add them.


  1. Oh my... you just never stop! Your Oregon area is so fortunate to have you there. I sure hope you get lots of support.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news. Thank you.

    1. the boys are now up in Portland up for adoption. They're quite sweet.

  3. I don't know how you find the energy. On top of that, I'd end up confused as to who was going where, even myself! ~grin~ Thank you for your hard work and caring.

    1. I have a memory like a steel jaw trap when it comes to cats, but not so much other things. When I get tired out, that's when I lock myself out of my house or car or other silly stunts.