Saturday, September 03, 2016

Albany Boys Now in Portland

Ace and Deuce have experienced big changes in the last few days.

They are now well traveled, officially city boys now, neutered, probably could even be described as "hipsters".  Not sure, not being hip myself.   But I would call them cool cats.

I drove the boys up this morning.  There was quite a chorus going on along the way.  I was able to tune it out in the end, as I focused on happiness that I was not traveling south, but rather north.  South bound freeway traffic was clogged up and down, bumper to bumper with the football people, all going to the game in Eugene.  I pitied their lot and giggled.  Wasn't me stuck in that mess.  I was sailing through.

I met Karmen in Wilsonville and we were off to Washington Square Petsmart, where a sight greeted my eyes, a sight to behold. Dogs, large and small, happy or scared, by the score, in loose cages, waited and hoped someone would come by and take them home.

Inside Jesse of Felines First Rescue was cleaning out a cage and also supervising the adoption of an FIV girl kitty.  Yay!

Ace and Deuce waited patiently.  These boys are adapting!

THANK YOU Jesse and Felines First Rescue!
Karmen put the boys into the big Petsmart adoption cage.  Ace was last out and immediately made a beeline for his buddy Deuce and they curled up together, probably needed a nap by then.  I sure did.

Good luck boys!

Then, we took familiar faces, Abbot and Costello formerly of Waterloo, who had first gone to Karmen's place, then to Felines First, over to the King City Petco where Karmen set them up in an adoption cage.

It was good to see the boys, but I took a lousy photo!

After that, we went to eat.   And did this......

Don't ask, and I won't tell
Then home again, and by this time, the game in Eugene was going on, so everybody going there was off the road and I had smooth sailing.  Just the way I like it.

Then it was time to clean up the cages the boys had been in.  Holding freshly neutered adult males isn't pleasant.  Their smell drives my males nuts with competitive fury and it can be a stressful messy time.  So the faster I clean up, the better.   Thanks to Barb, and her gift of Natures Miracle, the clean up is easier.

The two boy kittens from the briars of Waterloo County Park are doing much better.  The little orange and white guy (Holler), is getting tame, arching his back for pets and purring.

He is still having a bit of eye and nasal drainage, but not much compared to when he came.  Taken this morning, before his face bath.

And Hoot, his brother, the brown tabby tux, is improving too.  You can see the ulcer on his right cornea.  Hoot is shyer so far than Holler, his brother.  But he'll come around.

Dead fleas, dead worms, nice bath, warm bed, lots of food......feeling better!

That was my day.  I still have some clean up, then its kick back and play time, with my own kitties.


  1. Your foot fetish peccadillo is safe with me. I won't tell a soul. Funnily just today I saw a flyer taped to a pole about a lost galah. It was a pro forma sign under the name of an organisation, Petfinder.

    1. NIcely kept secret the foot fetish. is a big site where adoption groups can apply for their own pages, to show off their pets. I used to have a page there, but since I do no adoptions anymore, now I don't. I know someone online who works for Petfinder. She spotted the shirt in the photo immediately and knew it.

  2. I'm so glad you had a smooth drive. You deserve that and more for all your good works. Best wishes to these kitties and their canine counterparts!

    1. I hope everyone gets homes, all those lovable dogs and the two bonded pair of brothers--Abbot and Costello and Deuce and Ace.

    2. It would definitely be awesome for bonded pairs to get the same home. We always hope they stay together, don't we? ~hugs~ You come up with the greatest names, by the way.