Monday, September 19, 2016

More Cats More Cats

Friday the day after returning from Waldo Lake I had lots to do.

Instead, I got sent to pick up a cat in Albany, whose owner had ended up in a nursing home.

I knew the house where he hung out. I got cats fixed at the front house and the back mother in law cottage in 2010. Both those tenants long since moved out. One moved to Lebanon and from there, moved, leaving all those cats behind.

On Friday, there were squatters in both front and back, but the day before the sheriff notified them they had to be out Friday.

At least they fed the poor cat. When I went by, the cat wasn't there. I walked around looking and gave my number to the back squatter, still waiting, even though locked out now, for a friend to come with a truck to move her stuff to storage. She was going to live in her car, she said.

She called later to say the short hair orange cat was there. He too had lost his owner and a postal worker had rehomed him, but he kept coming back to his old hood. I kept trying to call the KATA woman who had sent me on this mission, that was supposed to be quick and easy, but she's in the midwest on vacation. She had said she'd connect me with her cat sitter and give the cat to her, once in hand, but I could not get ahold of the cat sitter either.

Finally the woman on vacation said to get the short orange hair too. So I went to get him, across the lawn and a yellow jacket flew under my toes. I had on sandals. He stung me twice. I was hopping around on one foot yelling and my toe was swelling. I went to my car and put benedryl lotion on the sting and took an antihistamine. I have to carry both those products during mean angry yellow jacket season.

I got the short hair orange and then, here comes the long hair orange I was after. I get him too. But then where to take them. The group who sent me had no one now to take him. I was pissed. I'd spent all day at this and now was I getting two cats with nowhere to go. Finally the postal worker called and told me where the woman lives who had adopted the short hair orange and I took him back to her. She's awesome, loved her.

And finally, at 7;00 p.m., another foster person for the group showed up and took the long hair orange boy.

Sunday I trapped two young teen blacks in Albany, for a couple who feed them. They're still here, were fixed today, at Willamette Humane.

Abigail, a female, fixed today.

Abraham, her brother, fixed today also.

I'd also picked up a torbi girl, fed as a stray in Albany, actually only a block from the squatter houses, where I got the orange boys. They did not know if she was fixed or not and couldn't care for her, worried she needed to be an inside kitty with winter coming but they have dogs who scare her.

She was going to go to Wilsonville after her vet trip, then on to a shelter or home. But, she became very agitated in the garage last night, hissing, swatting, worried over all the cats she could smell and see. After she got back from the clinic today (turned out to be already spayed), she went home with my friend Julie. She's going to live there and is already relaxing, I'm told. She was so thin and had pain issues, atrophy of muscles in her rear legs, maybe from a traumatic injury or just age.
Twitch, also known as LK (Little Kitty)

It was a good outcome for Twitch as we dubbed her, because she wags her four inch long tail.

I have 14 more cats in the garage now, and tomorrow they all get fixed. 2 more from one trailer at one Sweet Home trailer park. Just kittens. Last ones needing fixed there. One kitten from a tent camper at the county park. They were supposed to have two, but one followed her mother, who at least is now fixed, off into the berry vines of the park. Great, eh? That's how the park gets over run in cats.

Four more are the teen offspring of a cat abandoned at yet another Sweet Home trailer park. The mom cat went last trip to be fixed and another resident took her in afterwards, but her kittens need fixed now and so they will be.

Then seven from someone who lived on highway 34 and fed cats there, but had to move. She is getting them all trapped, fixed and finding them places to go. These seven will be taken in by Meow Village on the way home from being fixed tomorrow.

So that's the story. 3 more taken to the clinic today. 15 more tomorrow.

And the beat goes on.


  1. Your beat does indeed go on. And on. And on.
    Thank you. So much.

  2. I can only echo Elephant's Child here. So sorry you got stung!