Thursday, August 04, 2016

On it goes....

I got sick.   Like food poisoning sick.  Or Noro Virus sick.

That was Tuesday.  I had to stay close to home that day, mostly in bed.

Yesterday I was slightly better and could not help myself.  I was back at the colony, trapping for that last adult female.  I got her!

Named Her Savannah
But then I caught this little wild thing....

Named him Niner, as he is the 9th kitten caught at the colony
I hope I'm done there.  I want that colony in my rear view mirror.

The problem is finding somewhere to get them fixed.  I thought Spay Inc. was going to the FCCO Sunday with the kittens they have and could take the adult female along to be fixed.  I was told they had appointments, details were worked out, as to when she'd be picked up.  Then I find out there is no FCCO clinic Sunday.  WTF?  She got the dates mixed up.  It's a week from Sunday she's got the reservations.

So now I'm scrambling to find somewhere she can be fixed.  Along with the other two unfixed kittens I have--Whisper and Niner.

It's not easy to find spay neuter around here.

The lurching and pain in my stomach region from whatever virus or bacteria I was growing, didn't stop me from lusting after food.

I didn't eat for two days.  That had me wishing the Burger King was still standing.

It's not.

I guess I should be thankful it burned to a pile of rubble.  My waistline has benefited.

But when I passed the concrete slab where Burger King used to be, yesterday, I could taste an Oreo milkshake.

I wanted to down an entire Pizza.

I'm not a drinker but I read once in a magazine on an airplane, when I was taking Tiny Tim down to Huntington Beach, to his new home, that travelers to other countries would do well to drink red wine on their trips, as it helps keep Travelers sickness at bay.  Travelers sickness is another word for diarrhea.

Red wine!  Aha!   So I went to Grocery Depot in search of cheap, really really cheap, red wine.   My gosh, its up in price too.  The cheapest bottle I could find was $3.99.  I use to find bottles there for $1.99.  Or less.

I had to go for the expensive stuff, the $3.99 bottle.  A glass yesterday.  A glass today.  Hey, my stomach is good now.  That travelers magazine was worth reading.  (not really)

I had to bite the cold hard bullet.  I could not find local spay neuter solutions for the adult female or the kittens.  Sometimes you have to suffer.  And suffer some more.  I hear its good for you but I think I've suffered enough in my life.

Another long day awaits, up in Portland, with the adult female and two kittens.  Otherwise, she'd languish in a cage in my hot garage until who knows when.  Had to be done.  Boy do I hate the thought of being in the midst of Portland traffic jams all day long. Or sleeping in another parking lot to kill time.

Bite the bullet?  Maybe a bullet to the brain would be better.

Also, I'd like to make a plea.  Please vote no on IP28.  It's an iniative petition now on the ballot in Oregon that would tax corporations that do business in Oregon at quite a high rate.  Powells Books in Portland has come out against it, stating they do not know how they would pay and keep over 500 people employed too and not raise prices.  Numerous studies have concluded it will cause drastic price increases to us little consumer people, so its really a regressive tax, a secret sales tax packaged so people will resent rich corporations and vote yes, but then those people end up paying through the nose in higher prices.  I can't afford to wonder if it will or will not raise prices.  I live on a razor thin financial edge.  Up go the prices, out on the street goes me.

Nobody cares about people like me.  Except I vote.  They're supposed to count my vote like everybody else's.  If it raises prices, even small amounts, that would only drastically horribly affect the poorest of the states citizens so our governor just doesn't give a shit and has endorsed it.

I will vote no.  I hope you will too.  You don't want me wandering the streets homeless or living here with no power or internet.  That could get very very ugly.

My state is experiencing terrible population growth.  Wealthy people move here driving up the price of everything.  Average rent for a one bedroom apartment now in Portland:  $1400.  How many hours would one have to work a low wage job and a good share of the jobs in the northwest are low wage, to just pay the fricking rent?

Government corruption scandals hit the news almost weekly.   Yet this tax will increase government jobs, decrease private sector jobs and the smiling governor, flanked by public employee union top dogs, claims it will help the seniors. Shit.  Really?   How?  A new pair of shoes coming my way?  Glasses?  Someone going to fix my car?

  It's all just bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  Too much bullshit.  So much bullshit I start coughing up hairballs.

It's the price too of a society where there are the haves and the have nots, basically.  The haves want everything nice and wonderful and to do that, they want taxes to pay for nice things.  Every time they throw down taxes and prices increase the poor get poorer and end up homeless.  The work around for the "haves" is to say the poor are without any motivation or brains, mentally ill or drunks and its our own fault.  And they just want us out of sight.

As the rents go up, they're going to have to allow tent/slave cities for the worker bees, who serve them their food and make their fancy hotel beds and the displaced seniors who can't afford housing or anything else due to the high price of everything.  I suppose they'll want a nice tall thick wall around the worker bee tent cities, probably with nice art work on their side.

Ah yes, I'm being sarcastic.  But it is the way it is.


  1. Good luck. And I hope you continue to feel better.
    I would like the wealthy to pay more tax. Quite a bit more. I am tired of the bottom end of the spectrum being shafted so that the top few can continue to have everything.

    1. It's the way things are here, too EC.

  2. I think Burger King is our Hungry Jacks, vastly superior to McDonanlds. But Canada's Tim Hortorn's is better again.

    You are making a mistake with the red wine. Not a glass, a bottle per night.

    To Australians, Portland sounds pretty kewl. But oh, the dreaded road trip for you. I guess Portland sounds pretty good to other Americans too, hence the population growth of Oregon. If there is demand, by population growth, then wages should reflect this. Isn't that what you Republican types tell you? Not that I have any great praise for Australia and its illegally underpaid workers, but your system really is crap. Gated communities sounds appealling to me. I wonder if I could afford to live in one in the US and not among the riff raff, the real people.

    1. yes, that's what the Republicans say, the market will take care of everything. I gag on that one too. You might end up with us riff raff here, Andrew. The unstylish, the not carefully maintained. Lol.

  3. Common on, Strayer, tell us what you really think about IP28. :) Most issues are complex and it sounds like this is no exception. Often people don't think beyond the immediate thing they're trying to fix. Good luck. It will interesting to see how it turns out.

    Also, glad you're feeling a little better. Your illness sounded horrible.

    1. thanks L and L. I quit both parties and now am a member of my own "survival" party. I vote in a manner so I can survive.

  4. Best wishes on your health, physically and financially. Be well. And good luck with getting the cats fixed, my dear.