Sunday, August 07, 2016

Still No Homes

I've got four of the most lovely kittens, from that colony, not long from living under a house, starving.   But so far, I have not found a single home.




 I even went to Salem yesterday, for a brief adoption attempt fling, at a garage sale being held in a large trailer park.  There were 41 garage sales going on in this one trailer park.  But there wasn't a great deal of traffic.  And no one expressed any interest in Toby or Bluey.
Toby and Bluey in Salem, at the garage sale adoption event.  I put them in harnesses, since it was open air, didn't want them escaping accidentally if someone wanted to hold them.  They were very patient and good.

Friday I took Savannah (the adult female), Niners and Whisper up to Portland to be fixed at the FCCO, since I saw no other options to get it done.  It was not an easy day.  Mostly I sat in parking lots or wandered stores.  A minor return of my stomach bug did not make for an easy day.
Savannah at the FCCO

I left at 6:30 a.m. and due to harsh clogged traffic, didn't make it home til about 8:00 p.m.

When I saw the slow down extended beyond Wilsonville on I5 south, I pulled into the rest area to wait it out.

This morning, since I was out of coffee, I headed to a convenience store, to fill my morning cup.

And saw this....and thought of the balloon fire that just killed 16 people in Texas.

Well, soon I'll be off to the affordable clinic with two more cats needing dental care, including Honey, from the homeless camp, who has been losing weight.

Anyone watching the Olympics?

Not I.  I don't get NBC on antenna and online coverage, they limit you to 15 minutes before they charge you.


  1. I ache for these kitties needing homes. Tears are running down my face, actually, while I couldn't care less about the olympics. Wish I could swoop in and save every needy creature. My husband made me stop volunteering at a local shelter for fear we'd end up with more than we could feed.

    Best wishes to you, my dear! And high hopes for these sweet cats.

    1. Checking back in hopes of learning these babies got homes, I have to remark on something. Forgive me if this sounds facetious, but it seems ironic that a trailer park had an adoption event. The lack of success gave me mixed feelings. These doll babies certainly deserve all the best life can offer.

      Anyway, I hope you are feeling better and wishing all the best for your charges.

  2. I am so sorry your tummy bug came back.
    And hope so much that the kittens find a forever home. Soon.
    Olympics? Snippets if it hits the news. Not otherwise.

    1. Thanks EC, me too on the kittens.

  3. The kittens are so cute, they will find a home. I hope sooner rather than later, though.

  4. have a safe trip to the dental. hope that the stomach bug stays away. lots of positive thought for the kittens getting homes & always to you :)

    1. LOl, you are cracking me up. This was a more upscale one for sure than the ones I worked in Sweet Home, by a factor of a million times or so. Finding any home will be hard. I'm so discouraged tonight, but I'm tired is why.

    2. I hope you got some rest and are having a good day. Wish I could swoop in and bring them to my Ohio home. Don't know how elderly Tilly and Jezebel would feel, though. ~sigh~ Best wishes!