Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Colony

I was contacted by Spay Inc. who needed help with an Albany colony.  She had already taken one kitten from a female down from this colony and gotten the female fixed.  She had been unable to find the female's 2nd kitten.  That cat turned out to be owned.  Sort of.

This colony is just a few houses from where she got the female and kitten.   She asked initially if I knew of any free clinics coming up.  I have 8 reservations tomorrow in Salem, and had only two cats lined up to go.  So I offered to use those reservations.

I met her at the colony yesterday and in short order we trapped 8 adults and six kittens.  There are a few more kittens, we think.  Unknown if there are more adults because the people don't seem to know and are not even sure who the four are who are already fixed.  We finally figured out two of the fixed ones.  Don't know if any of the ones we caught will turn out to be fixed.

That's why ear tips are so awesome.  You know, no question.

Spay Inc. took the six kittens, who were all starving, flea and worm ridden and some sick with URI, and weak from parasites.

Spay Inc. also took one of the adults, since they have a spay/neuter appointment on Tuesday.

I have 7 adults here, and with the two coming, one from Tangent, one from Brownsville, that's one over my 8 reservations.  I asked Heartland if they were having surgery tomorrow, and they said "no", but I got no response yet on whether they have a surgery on Thursday or room if they do.  It's tough here, to find anywhere to get cats fixed.

I will take all 9 tomorrow with me, and hope the clinic there had a cancellation, or can just do one more.  If not, I'll deal with it and try to figure something out and hope I won't have to drive clear to Portland to get one cat fixed.

Among the two I have here, two very pregnant cats.  One of them, the most pregnant, is in my bathroom, just in case.  

They call this guy Jax.

How pretty is this kitty?

This one seems to have a tooth issue.  The above pictured three are in one cage and eating up a storm.

Poor Petie, the Lynx Point, has not been getting nearly enough food.
And lastly, in the cage with Petie, who was very sleepy, are a mild mannered male (in front) and Goldie, a pregnant muted calico, in back.  Goldie is wild.
I didn't take a photo yet of Miss Preggie in the bathroom, don't want to upset her.  She's very nervous.

The other two to be fixed tomorrow are a stray boy from Brownsville and a female who showed up in a barn in Tangent.

So will be a good day for Linn County cats with at least 8 getting fixed tomorrow and 9 if I'm lucky.

Also, a friend financed the rest of the fence build and it's done!  So happy that project is now complete.


  1. You never, ever give up do you.
    Yay for yet more cats whose breeding days are over. And who will lead better lives because of it.

    1. No, I never seem to have the sense to give up. Yay for spay neuter and the better world it creates.

  2. Another day, another dozen cats. I don't know how you keep doing it, but I'm glad that you do.

  3. the fence looks great!! so glad it's up before new neighbors. fences do make th ebest neighbors ;)

  4. Best wishes on this fantastic endeavor, my dear. You are a blessing to these dear creatures.

  5. You continue to amaze me....