Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TP2 and 12 More Cats

I've been working one trailer park in Sweet Home, trying hard to get everybody there fixed.  Seems endless however.  But I was contacted by someone in another Sweet Home trailer park with cats everywhere.  To distinguish the two in my mind, I call them TP1 and TP2.

Tomorrow, one more boy from TP1 will be neutered.  I'd tracked down the black and white, fed on a porch, that others thought was a girl.  But he's a boy and well loved and will be fixed tomorrow.
This is him

He will make number 39 fixed from TP1 (trailer park one).

In the meantime, Becky from Lebanon, trapped one of two boys on her block still needing fixed after neighbors carted home five kittens they got free in front of Walmart.  That was last summer they brought them home.  They don't take much responsibility for them, however.  Becky now feeds the survivors.  One boy already was run over and killed on the road.  Becky got the female done elsewhere, but she was not ear tipped and she mistook her for one of the unfixed boys, trapping her last week.  At least now she has an ear tip.

But two nights ago, she showed up when I was napping, in the evening, with a screaming angry boy she trapped.  One to go, after he's fixed.   I have this little device I attach to a trap so people can feed in a trap, but yank a cord and get an unfixed cat without retrapping a million fixed cats.  Works so well.

It's just a short board, just shorter than the height of the trap door, with a hardware right angle attached at the top, facing one direction, and another hardware right angle on the other side of the board, at the bottom, facing the other direction.  I drill two holes in the side of the board, and hinge it with loose zip ties to the outside front of the trap.  I attach a line to the hardware angle at the bottom of the board.  The trap door rests on the other hardware angle, facing inward, at the top.  You can just yank the line, to drop the trap door, when the right cat is eating in the trap and let everyone else eat in there too, so the unfixed cats think its all nice and safe.  Ha!

But then fat Waddles, a long fixed boy, decided he'd nap in the trap!

Anyhow, the male she caught is aggressive as hell, but not really feral.  And he screams at the top of his lungs.  He's not been a fun garage guest, let me tell you.

This morning I went up to TP2 and caught ten there.  My limit at the clinic is 11, and now I had 12 cats in all, including the Lebanon screamer and the boy from TP1.  But one of the 10 from TP2 is a tame abandoned pregnant gray tabby girl, who was relinquished by the woman who had been care taking her since her owners left her.

Fortunately, the facilitator, a Wilsonville woman who is good at finding cats placement, having contacts in many rescues and shelters, found her a place to go tomorrow.  She's one lucky girl.

With that, nine cats will be fixed from the TP2, one from TP1, then the Lebanon screamer boy.  Below are photos of 8 of the 9 TP2 cats to be fixed tomorrow.
Tabby on white manx male

DLH black male

DLH orange male

DSH light orange tab male

Huge Chocolate Pt. Siamese male

Young torbi female, in heat (males chasing her)

Black and white male

Gray tux male

Then there's this cat, at already fixed kitty with severe ear mites and a fluid filled tumor hanging off its throat.  The Facilitator is trying to find her a place right now, but if anyone else knows where she might go, and get medical for those conditions, let me know.

Well, 11 more get fixed and another abandoned kitty gets off the streets and won't be having kittens under a trailer.  Another good day for valley cats.


  1. that poor cat with the tumor..that looks so painful..i can't believe how people see that day after day and don't do a dam thing.
    that waddles is a funny guy :)

    1. Waddles is very very funny!

  2. My heart. I am in tears for them all, but the female with the tumour. How can people choose to not see, not help? I will never understand. I don't think I want to. I never want to think that way. God love you and all that you do. You are a hero. Hugs.

    1. Not sure, but.....have a place to get the surgery done now. Heartland in Corvallis says they'll do it.

  3. Echoing HotFudgeNubbins.
    And yay you. And thank you. You must be exhausted. Again.

    1. Hope to get that cat some help very soon, not exhausted, that round up was quick. People did try to pick up the cats, convinced they could put them into the traps by hand, and finally after one cat got away three times, they just let me trap them, which went quickly, since I don't think the cats had ever tasted wet food before. The people were all very excited about the round up and eager to help. Anyhow, took under an hour to get ten there.

  4. Wow! I'm impressed, and glad you didn't wear yourself out for the trapping, at least. That's just part of it, though. You're amazing. Best wishes that Heartland in Corvalis comes through.