Friday, May 27, 2016

More Cats Fixed Yesterday. Belligerent Call

I took up 12 more cats yesterday, 11 to be fixed, one to a rescue, who had been relinquished.

The pregnant gray tabby had milk ready for kittens and I feared she would have them on the way.

She didn't.  And made it to the rescue, where she will have them in safety.
Screamer, the brown tabby boy who kept me up a couple days, prior to his fixing, as I held him in my garage after he was trapped in Lebanon.  It was not a quiet few days, nor ride up to the clinic with him.  He was at times ultra aggressive and would scream in outrage if I even looked his direction.  The screams would start low enough but escalate into ear piercing loud screeching.  Difficult?  Um, yes.

I enjoyed the day.  After dropping off the 11 cats which included a very aggressive vocal "screaming" male from Lebanon, at the clinic, I met Karmen at her place in Wilsonville.  She took in Kiki and Elton from gray cat trailer and we went together to the rescue taking the pregnant cat.  Then she treated me to lunch and after that, filled my gas tank for me and gave me some cat food.  What a nice switch, being treated like a hero, like a nice person, for all the volunteer work I do. Doesn't happen too much.
Kiki, in Wilsonville now

Kiki and Elton

I get yelled at, screamed at, threatened, demanded of, most of the time.  Not easy to withstand, especially since I do not have a local support system of people.

Today I got a call in fact, from I don't even know who.  They wouldn't tell me, not who they were or where they live.  They yelled and screamed at me and threatened me, claimed I stole their cat and got it fixed.

I don't steal cats.  I have plenty.   And if they let their cat free roam, males free roam for miles looking for sex, and if he was being fed as a stray elsewhere, then that person was caring for the cat and was theirs, as a result.  And if he got himself fixed being fed as a stray, those screaming assholes should say thank you.

 For gosh sakes, what is wrong with people.   Letting cats free roam unfixed to fight, get and spread diseases, breed more cats in trailer parks filled with literally hundreds of unfixed cats, most caste off, fed by multiple people, nobody knows your cat is owned by you.

Nobody would know because that's not what caring for a cat looks like.   Caring for your cat means fixing him or her, keeping them on your property, giving them ID, so if found, they can make it home, flea treating and worming your cat, feeding them properly, not expecting others to feed them.  That's what owning a cat is.  If you are not doing those things, you don't own the cat.  Fix your cats people and shut the fuck up.

Screaming at volunteers trying to clean up the mess from negligent owners is really up there in the entitlement department.  Speaking of which, management at both parks need to step up, and demand tenants fix their cats.

I returned the fixed cats today, 9 from one trailer park, 1 from another.   And, visited gray cat trailer again, hoping to drop trap the 3rd teen.  They don't want him either.   Already, I took five kittens out of there there they didn't want.  I took an adult female, whose kittens all died out of there because they didn't want her.  KATA took a mom cat and 3 kittens they didn't want, out of there.  I took out Elton and Kiki, two teens they didn't want.  I got two adults fixed, and returned them.  Someone working at a trailer across from them, horrified, bought cat food and gave it to them.   Now they don't want the third teen.  So I caught him today, and he's out of there.
Now that's he's gone, let's get some puppies!

That's 9 cats I've taken from the trailer, plus two fixed, returned, and four taken out by KATA.   13 CATS REMOVED from one fricking trailer.  TWO OTHERS FIXED.  They didn't do the least of care for any of them.  All the expenses and work and tears others have put into saving the unwanted cats from just this one trailer (and there are dozens just like it in that trailer park alone), because someone got kittens, then let them have kittens without a thought of personal responsibility or the consequences laid out on the overpopulated cat world or on those trying to solve the problems created.   Why don't people educate themselves, think, be responsible?

They have dogs, too.  And what comes out the door, as it opens this morning, with the trailer woman?  Two pitbull puppies.  They went and got puppies.   Sometimes I want to shoot myself.  See I thought they'd seen the light.  I was delusional in this belief, thinking they wouldn't be taking in animals they couldn't and wouldn't care for, in the end, again.  Then out march the puppies and it hit me, like a brick wall, how fruitless this all was.

 Entitlement nation.  There is no hope to turn this around.  Ignorance is the supreme value, and impulse.

So, after seeing that, after being yelled at for something by someone, over the phone, being tired from trying to better these two parks, without help from  those living there, especially at the one, I'm shutting off my phone and going to bed.


  1. What a mess these trailer parks seem to be. I guess the term trailer trash did not come about for no reason. I can just imagine the woman with the pit bulls. I heard a story the other day about a Staffordshire Terrier attacking 11 children in a park in England, with half of them needing hospital treatment. Of course Staffy owners say they are nothing like pit bulls, but a strong dog with a powerful don't let go bite is dangerous, no matter their temperament. Anyway, you are doing terrific work and more power and kindness to you.

  2. I am so pleased that for once you got treated like the hero you are.
    Sleep well.

  3. I somehow jumped ahead and did not absorb the title of this post and got so excited, feeling like Elephant's Child about Karmen's kindness. To read about that piece of garbage calling you makes me very sad. Please don't feel your efforts are fruitless. People may make us feel hopeless but you make a huge difference to many lives. I so hope you slept well and feel good today.