Sunday, May 22, 2016

Photos of Yore

I do love using the word "yore".  Why?  Beats me.

Having nothing really new to say, I thought I'd add in some old photos today, much like Elephants Child and Highriser and others do, on Sunday calling it Sunday Selections.

First off, some photos from the last trip to the north coast, with cats.  That was on April 4, seems like years ago now, and I took Miss D and Slurpy for dental care.  As usual, I was worn out and sought out a parking lot for sleep.

South Jetty ocean overlook from Fort Stevens State Park

Wetlands to the north of the parking lot, still show signs of last summers wildfire in the area

A couple of crows gather nesting material
At the Peter Iredale shipwreck beach, also in Ft. Stephens State Park, the wreck is diminishing, as it erodes away.

And yet, with erosion, more of the ships spine is visible

Driftwood hooch

Crab shells in the sand

These are likely from molt.
Freight ship on the Columbia River

American Empress Steam Powered Cruise Ship, at dock
The ship is beautiful but the cruises are vastly expensive, running over $3500 for about 9 days.  Way out of reach for the likes of me, but I can admire the ship's beauty.

We've not had much sun yet in Oregon, just a few days of blasting heat, instead of a gradual transition from winter into spring and summer.   It's dismal, this constant rain and gray.  But there have been dramatic sky moments!

There are a lot of sheep raised in this valley.

Well, that's it for older photos, although I took the last sky photo just today.

Lucy and Pepper will be going off to get their medical care, dentals if needed, all that, next week.  The fundraiser for them, both old gals from the trailer park, is going good, shy only about $100 from the goal to cover the costs.

Thank you so much to all who have contributed!  It's so kind of you to help these old gals out.

Lastly, the gray female I trapped in Albany Friday morning, whose feeder relinquished her, is doing quite well in foster with Felines First, looks like.  She LOVES cat treats.


  1. Just a question... at the end of the places where you can contribute, there's a place that asks (kind of mandates) a fee of $5.98... or something like that... kind of says "suggested" but can't find a place to delete it... what's that all about?

    1. Is it on the youcaring site, where I'm running the fundraiser for Lucy and Pepper? I have no clue.

    2. If on youcaring, is that where they are asking for a donation to keep "" up and running, at the very end? If that's the case, it is voluntary.

  2. Interesting photos. I think you showed the ship skeleton before but there does seem to be less of it now. Nearly $4000 for 9 days seems a lot for the steam cruiser. It must quite luxurious and absolutely everything included.

    1. The Peter Iredale wreck beach is where I often go, when taking cats to the affordable clinic, to nap. I take photos of the wreck every time, maybe to compare, see how much of it isn't there the next time. That's a lot of money for 9 days. Must include something besides a narrow bunk bed.

  3. Love those skies. And the sheep.
    The cruise ship does look good, but I suspect as well as the expense there would be too many people for my liking.

    1. For me also, EC, on the cruise ship. I don't think I'd like it at all. I'll stick to my camping and swimming in a forest lake and be happy.

  4. While I'm not much of a beach person, I really enjoyed your pictures. And one of the sky ones looks like a rainbow. :)

    1. Yes, a distant rainbow!

  5. Wonderful photos, delightfully topped with a pretty kitty! Thank you for sharing, my dear. I hope the skies clear and you enjoy some nice weather. Be well!

  6. WOW! I love this, all of it! From the shipwrecks to the critters to the sweet cat who loves treats. Awesome visit with you, as always. HUGS.