Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Mishmash

Like every holiday, Easter is a mix of pagan and Christian traditions.

Easter is the 2nd most candy consuming holiday in the US, falling behind only Halloween as a sugar glutton's best day of the year.

I went on a search to find out why the rabbits and eggs are included in a day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the tomb.

The rabbit's association with Easter is allegedly a German import and thought to be pagan in origin, a symbol of spring and reproductive prowess associated with the budding blooming new life of spring.  "Breed like rabbits"!   The German lore hare laid eggs and children would make nests for Oshter Haws.

However, in other countries different animals bring the easter eggs.  Like a Cuckoo in Switzerland, a fox in some parts of Germany, or chicks, roosters and even storks.

Eggs themselves are a symbol of the new life and fertility of spring, or, to some, breaking out of the tomb in resurrection.  It is also thought eggs gained popularity in Easter celebrations because most celebrations of Lent  included bans on eating meat, cheese and eggs.  On Easter day, once Lent is over, one could again enjoy eating eggs.

Easter Parades began when upper crusts in New York would attend churches on 5th Avenue on Easter Sunday then stroll around outside to show off their expensive new Easter attire.   The common folk would show up to watch the display.  And the Easter parade was born.

Happy Easter everybody.  Don't eat too many peeps!  


  1. A mix of pagan, Christian and Commercial traditions. These days I think the last is strongest.

    1. It is, the commercial promotion.

  2. That's sad but true about commercialism. Thank you for sharing the interesting facts!