Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bye Tink. Good Luck.

Tinkerbell is now up in Sherwood at CATS (Cat Alliance Team Sanctuary).  They also had taken in Dandy, the big FIV positive injured Albany male, who got a home, and three wildish teens--Mystic, Winter and Tonka.  Of those three, only Winter is still at CATS.

I knew they would take good care of her.  Her intake exam revealed her to be negative for FIV/Felk.  She got wormed and checked for ringworm and she did light up green, under black light, in the dark bathroom, but just a couple of hairs, beneath one ear.  Green glow, under a black light in complete darkness indicates the most common species of Oregon ringworm.  Ringworm is a fungus.  We have five species here in Oregon, but only one glows green under the black light.  Nevertheless, she will be treated for ringworm.  That's what I like about CATS.  In many shelters, if a cat has ringworm, they're dead.

But not at CATS and her apparent infection is extremely slight.

Her slight prolapsed rectum issue will also be watched, but likely that is worm caused.

Good luck, Tink.  Bless you little girl.

In other news, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has finally publicly denounced the hooligan armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge and finally, the major Oregon newspaper, the Oregonian, has denounced the occupation soundly by editorial.  For some time, they were printing articles that seemed sympathetic.  Did their change in tune arise because of a letter to the editor sent them by prominent fiction writer Ursula Le Guin who lives in Portland and loves the refuge?  It was a great letter!  If I had been in charge, they'd be sitting in jail cells on Day One.

You can read the letter here, although she sent it to the Oregonian.

Only one of the criminals involved has been arrested.  He was taken when he drove a refuge van to town.  Theft of motor vehicle.  Turns out he's wanted down in Medford too.  Big fricking surprise.

One of the other terrorists claimed he is an Iraq war veteran.  That too was a big fat lie.  He never served.  Yet another did time for murder, is a felon, cannot have weapons as such and needs to go back to jail where he belongs.  They're a motley crew at the refuge, attention seekers I suppose, none of whom seem to hold jobs, or maybe they have become professional rabble rousers.  I have no clue.

They need to be gone.  They need to go back to the holes they crawled out of, or more likely, the basements.  After their jail stints.

I think we could run them out ourselves if the feds don't get off their duffs about it.  I think being surrounded by 5000 or more unarmed women, young and old,  might provoke them into a quick retreat.  What could they do to unarmed women?  If they shoot them, they're villains and if they don't, they're humiliated.  Women are not the feds, and its the feds they want to take on, on prime time media, in a gun battle.  Some want to martyr themselves by dying at the hands of feds.  These are nutcases we're talking about.  Glazed over cult like zombie people, self assured of their righteousness, who cannot and will not consider another point of view.

I have heard they have children in there. If this be true, they are cowards.  The telltale sign of a terrorist.  Human shields.  They bring children because they depend on the goodness of the other side, to not want to harm children as their parents willfully engage in illegal activity that could bring harm to their children.

But an army of unarmed women?  Now that would be something and it would not give them their desired martyrdom.  


  1. Sounds like a brilliant idea. That a group like this is to be at all tolerated is appalling.

    1. It is strange they were not immediately arrested.

  2. I'm not familiar with the green light up. How does that work?

    1. Sorry about that. Under black light, the most common species of ringworm in Oregon glows green.