Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Cry in the Dark

I was out feeding the farm cats last night.  It was dark and pouring down rain.

I had a trap along, because last time I fed, Benji, one of three teen boys out there, was limping and crying.   I figured if he wasn't better, I'd need to bring him home.   He and Little Black both let me pet them, but I wasn't sure if he'd let me put him in a carrier.  So I took the trap.

I get there and take the food over to where there are dishes.  As I'm filling them, I hear plaintive crying.  I turn around and just as I do, a black kitten shoots out of the darkness and launches herself into my arms.

She won't stop crying but sees the food and tries to reach down to eat it while still in my arms.   I look at the other cats, waiting for food, some growling at the little girl, and say, "Who the hell is this little thing?"

I take her in my arms to my car, put her in the trap, load up a plate with wet food and stick it in with her.  She immediately turns her attention to inhaling the food.

I go feed the rest of the cats.  I bring her home.  I had no choice.  She was starving, scared and desperate.

She kneads and wants to rest her head in my cupped hand.  Once home, she took over my bathroom.  She had fleas and worms and a slightly prolapsed rectum, likely from the worms.  She was so tired, she finally just slept for 16 hours.

Today I talked to the farm workers who said she showed up almost two weeks back, in the night and was probably dumped and they are probably right since kittens don't roam far from home and certainly not in the drenching storms we've been having here.   They gave me permission to give her over to a rescue.  KATA has offered to take her on Thursday.  I quickly agreed.

I named her Tinkerbell. Tinker for short.

Today she wants to play, be held, play some more, eat and sleep.  She's delightful!

Tink in her kitten enthusiasm.
Now, she's a bit needy, does not like being confined to the bathroom because she wants out and about in the house.  So sometimes she cries.   You will need to spend a lot of time with her should you adopt her, not leave her home alone all day.  Hopefully, if you adopt her, you'll have other cats she can hang with because a single kitten is a lonely kitten who fast can become overwhelming.
Adopting two bonded kittens is awesome.  It's also smart.
They don't bug you to play or for attention constantly when they have a buddy. And if you go somewhere, you can have peace of mind, knowing your kitten isn't alone in the house, to tear it apart.  Rather he or she is chasing his buddy's tail and jumping him from a hiding spot.

Tink, Tinker, Tinkerbell!


  1. If our lifestyle weren't what it is, I'd take her in a minute! What a lovable little girl she is.

    1. She is something else!

  2. I try to not get emotionally involved with the cats you show, but, oh my goodness, if I were closer, I think I would have to take Tink. I'm glad you saved her.

    1. Tink is a great nickname, even better than Tinker!

  3. Tinker looks very thin. I hope she gets a good home.

    1. Yes, she is thin and was in the process of starving when she found me. She will need some good nutrition.