Friday, November 06, 2015

End of the Week

So glad this week is over.   I was dealing with 10 extra cats for much of it, after trapping 8 Sunday, to transport Tuesday up to be fixed at the FCCO.  I took three others with me to be fixed including Cotton.

Then, the day after those cats were fixed, but still here recuperating, the woman caught the last female out at the N. Albany colony with one of the traps I'd left her.   At first I thought I would have to go all the way back to Portland with her, but Heartland said they could fix her Thursday.  So I took her over Thursday, and later, took the other 7 I still had here, of hers, back. They were all girls. I'd already taken back the boy, when I picked up the 9th cat from the colony and all my other gear, a cage and two traps.

This is Sunny, the last female from that colony of 8 girls and one little boy.  Fixed yesterday and today I returned her.
I got the cages taken down and cleaned and folded up and the traps cleaned and put away and most of the carriers, they used, while in the cages, cleaned and put back as beds for my cats.

But what to do about Cotton.  She had come out of her shell some, but I could not let her out of the bathroom because my old fart cats are mean to kittens.  She badly wanted to associate with other cats, as most kittens do, especially any cat from a feral colony.  They are born to big families and need the association with other cats.   So, although I love her dearly, I asked a KATA volunteer who once before said she'd take her, if she was still willing.  She has a lot of friendly kittens and I knew Cotton would love it there.  She's fixed, fully vaccinated and free of all parasites and even been tested.  Today I took her over and said goodbye, although I hope to visit her.

Yesterday, I'd received a call from a man whose mother I'd helped with cats.  I helped her back in the spring of 2013.  I trapped 3 cats she fed, but she took the two girls, once trapped, to be fixed at her vet, while I got the big orange male fixed through Poppa funds at Heartland.

Again this last June, I was back in her yard, late, catching cats, two females and a male, but only because the woman across from her feeds but would not let me trap in her yard.   I had such a horrible experience there, being hounded, yelled at, threatened, by several people on the block I vowed to never return.

The old woman, the kind one, was in dementia, and knew she'd be moving to a home soon.  Now she has and her son cares for those cats.  He thought one was very pregnant and was worried more kittens would be born.  I agreed to go over and drop trap the preggie.  He met me there, but I could only see cats that were fixed and the one he claimed was pregnant although it was too dark for me to see her well, was one of the cats I'd trapped for his mom back in 2013.

I took a photo of her last night to compare, to the photos I had taken of the ones I'd trapped back then, to be sure, and sent them to him.  It is indeed the same cat and unless her vet, whomever that is, didn't actually fix her when she took her in, she's not pregnant, just fat or has some health problem.

This is the cat in question, taken back in March of 2013.
And this is a photo I took last night, of the cat he thought to be pregnant.  As you can see, it's the same cat as in the 2013 photo.   She should be long fixed.  With that, I packed my gear and left.
I was glad to leave that block behind again, as I experienced so much rage and hostility towards me in June, I still ache to think of it.  I suppose I should have left then, back in June, when trying to stop reproduction there, but I stayed til midnight, into a severe thunder and lightning storm, and did finally catch the last two females and a male.  Both those females were lactating.  They were spayed anyhow.

Then came the call today from the woman across the street.  She said she had the survivors, 3 of them, of those two females last litters, and could I get them in somewhere because they're five months old now, and have diarrhea and going on her carpet in her upstairs room.  The call could not have been coincidence.  She must have seen my car across the street last night.

 I told her to find a shelter to take them and to worm them.   Which is all I can do for her.  She still has not gotten the males she feeds fixed. She could get those three fixed at least, through Safehaven vouchers or the FCCO.  I'm glad she got them in to tame them, but I can't take them.  She knows I'm not an adoption group.  But there are others in the area and beyond.  She can take care of it.

And as for me, after a busy busy week,  I plan to sleep most of tomorrow.


  1. Sleep well.
    You soooooo deserve it.

    1. Wouldn't you know, 8 hours of sleep and I"m up again. Thought I'd sleep at least ten. But I'll nap again later.

  2. It must be okay, but returning cats the next day after they're fixed seems pretty soon. How does that work?

    1. With ferals, keeping them much longer, can cause more damage, as they are very scared if contained. Most do just fine.