Tuesday, November 03, 2015

11 Local Cats Fixed Today

I transported 11 local cats up to be fixed today at the FCCO.

Ten of the eleven were girls.

The 11 included Cotton the kitten.  THCC (The Happy Cat Club) gave a $15 donation for her spay.

I took up the 8 from the N. Albany rural property.  They never did see the other adult female again.  The night before I went out to trap the 8, she heard a cat scream in the night.  I hope she wasn't eaten by a predator.  We shall see if she shows up again.

It's possible though.  They are everywhere in the valley.  Cougars, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, owls, hawks and eagles...there really isn't anywhere safe for small animals in Oregon, outside at night.

Of those 8, only one was a boy, the little friendly black one. He's darling.  She calls him Braveheart.

The two adult females were dumped along the road, she thinks.  No doubt.

The other two fixed were two females from Lebanon.  A black one and a gray one.  They're already home now.  They are barn cats.

Fire torbi teen fixed today from the N. Albany location.
Muted torti teen fixed today.
This is mom of some of the teens, a gray tabby female fixed today.
Torbi female fixed today.  She is in lala land from anesthesia still.
Gray tabby female like mom fixed today.
Another torbi female fixed today.  "Leave me alone," she glares, "I'm sleepy."
This teen torbi looks so much like Cougie, a cat here, its uncanny!  She was spayed today.
The black was the only boy of those 8.
By the way, the term "torbi" is used to describe cat color that is torti, with stripes like a tabby.  Hence, torbi.  Torti cats are tri color, like calicos, only primarily one color, like black, with some orange and white somewhere.  Dilute or muted tortis (or calicos) have gray instead of black, cream instead of white, and pale orange instead of brighter orange.  Fire torti's or torbi's have a burnt deep orange and that's my own term, for a certain color of torti.

Like I said, Cotton too was fixed today.  She went up sitting next to me, in the passenger seat, so we could chat and chat we did, as driving is boring, for the most part.

I told her I'm trying to find her a good home and that all humans aren't crap.  I conceded many are, but told her I'd do my best to find her some awesome human.

Here are the two females from Lebanon who were fixed today.

Black Lebanon female fixed today.

And the gray female done today also.
I took the opportunity while in the area, to go shop at Winco for bulk foods not available here where I live.

Then I drove down to my vacation home---the rest area.

There I did what anyone else would do at their vacation homes.   I napped.  I read.  I strolled around through the trees.  I ate lunch.  Then I watched a movie on my phone.  After that, I cleaned up, brushed my teeth and had to say goodbye to my little vacation retreat and head on up to get the cats.   Smooth sailing!

Great day for local cats.   11 fixed.  That's 11 cats who won't be producing more unwanted kittens to flood shelters, rescues, craigslist ads or be dumped, as the mothers of the teens fixed today were, or left behind, as the original two cats that created the farm colony were, when someone who worked there moved and left their unfixed cats behind.

Was going to mention, another something strange, another injury.  I was sitting out at the N. Albany colony after taking out another trap and a cage so she could contain her cats while she trapped for that final female, who never showed up again.   My foot had been hurting, the very bottom, and I really thought it was something in my shoe poking at it.  So I took off my shoe and sock, and saw a lump on the outside edge of the bottom of my foot.  I could a sliver in the middle of that lump.   The woman came to the porch with a cup of coffee for me and said what's wrong.  I pointed to the bottom of my foot.  "Oh, I'll dig that out for you," she offered, almost eagerly.

She comes back out with a dingy looking sewing needle and briefly flicks a lighter at its tip.   She presses and prods and pokes at that lump.  Pus billows out.  "Yuk," she says, but keeps on.   Took probably 15 minutes, for her to come up triumphant, with a piece of thin metal, about a quarter inch long!    How'd that get in my foot?

Metal in my foot.   I better start paying more attention when I feel pain, instead of passing it off til later.  My guess is I was walking the garage in socks, and picked up that whatever it was metal, then put shoes on, and it got poked into my foot.  Just a guess. I hope it wasn't part of a needle.  So many addicts around these parts who just toss their syringes with needles.  I'll have to mention that to my doctor.  I should have kept the metal piece to look at under a magnifying glass to see if it was hollow, like a needle would be.  But she had tossed the piece before I thought of that.


  1. A truly wonderful day.
    Thank you.

  2. A question if I may. You have your own cats. How do you choose which to take in when so many are so deserving?

    1. I don't take in any cats here anymore, or try not to. I take in cats if I know I have somewhere they can go, which was the case with Cotton, at least I thought. But the brief mention of her possibly going out as a feral and not with her family, if she didn't tame, spooked me out of that group with her. If feral cats are relocated, to even stand any chance, they need to be relocated as a family unit. So merely a whisper of her being sent out alone, as a feral to some location, without her family, that's something I can't go for. So I'll work with her further, and try to find her a home myself.

  3. I can't see the stripes on the muted torti in the picture. Where are they? Maybe they're like the black cat I have who the vet calls a tabby. That's because if you look closely, he has a striped tail.

    More good work. :)

    1. exactly, so she's a torti, not a torbi. Torbi---tabby like stripes. Torti, just a tri colored kitty, no stripes.

  4. I hope Torbi gets a good home... heck, I hope they all do!

    1. It was just a TNR thing with the 8, they're going back to where they were born. Fixed at least.