Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Violence is Normal

Barely have we recovered from the carnage down in Roseburg.   Today, there's a bomb threat at a local energy research site.  I haven't heard anything further.  What is up with all the anger and rage?

Also today in the news, an Albany man was arrested for a violent murder of another man at my vacation home, the rest area, south of Wilsonville.   There has been a lot of crime there.

I will leave that one out of my coffee table book on best parking lots although I do spend a lot of time there.

I spent last night saving kittens from a parking lot.  I caught seven in all from two litters and I caught one mom, might be the mom of the older litter.  They're 8 or 9 weeks and wild things.  Three Siamese and an orange tabby.  The younger litter is composed of an orange tabby and two black tuxes, whom I netted, as they napped on concrete by the dumpster.  Kittens shouldn't grow up that way.  Now these won't have to.

Lucky them.

I'm not sure if I got them all or not.  They're all now up west of Salem, nice woman who fosters and tames feral kittens, with her adult son, who is a cat whisperer.  She'll get them fixed and probably adopt them out, or some of them out, through Salem Friends of Felines, she thinks.

I'm so happy she could take them.  The Happy Cat Club donated $50 to her to help with their expenses, although its not much.

This girl, Charms I called her, is darling, long hair Lynx point and although wild, she was already prancing around my bathroom and purring.  Won't take much to turn her to a tame thing.
A black tux from the littlest litter with a long hair chocolate point from the older litter.

Littlest litter orange and white boy, just after being trapped.

Older litter orange tab, vacuuming the pavement for any hint of food.  Poor kittens.

Momma Siam acts wild but I noticed she was trembling violently in fear in the trap.  This can be something tame cats do.  They think they're going to be killed.  So I took her out and put her with her kittens and petted her.  She has been owned at some point, although she does act wildish.

Momma Siam, it will be ok.  You're good.
Want to escape the noise of violence everywhere?  Sleep with cats purring on your face!!!    I love it!


  1. This time your post makes me cry... (well, I guess it does often).... but it's the trembling mama cat that grips my heart. Damn!

    1. It was very sad, to see her shaking in fear. I quickly acted then, to reassure her, took her out of the trap, petted her, hand fed her. It is extremely sad so many cats are born, to live and beg for food in parking lots. the clerk told me she had her kittens out behind their store, by the dumpsters. I hope she gets a good home, where she is greatly loved.

  2. Thank you for the better than good, the excellent work that you do.
    My heart aches for those cats, and is grateful that they are now much better off than they were yesterday.

    1. Thanks EC, couldn't ever leave kittens scrounging in a parking lot, sleeping by the garbage. Not right.

  3. You're right. There's nothing like a purring cat to calm you.

    1. And sunflowers to make me smile. And chocolate. Don't forget about chocolate!

  4. The theory in my house is that sweet kitties would calm a lot of violent behavior. So glad you have a few great partners in your endeavors! Every good heart and effort is a plus.