Saturday, October 10, 2015

Another Four Cats Fixed, Another Trip to the FCCO

I caught four more cats at the farm and took them up to be fixed Friday at the FCCO.  The Happy Cat Club donated $30 to the FCCO for fixing them.  I know it is not much for four cats.  The FCCO just last weekend fixed 167 cats from one small Washington town.  Pretty impressive.

The cats I took this trip were three boys and a girl.  That little gray kitten was a boy too, just like his brothers, that black long hair and the brown tabby tux.

The Three Amigos.

I took them back this morning.  I am tired but ok.  Still the cleaning and laundry.

During the day yesterday, I went to a nice parking lot, over in Tigard.   My brother says I should write a coffee table book---Best Parking Lots in Oregon.  That cracked me up.

A favorite parking lot!
People park here to walk their dogs or eat lunch.  I park there to read, watch the chickadees in the trees, or, on occasion, to sleep. Yesterday, I ate lunch there, checked out the schedule on the nearby movie theater, to see if there was a movie that matched my schedule so I could just spend the time doing that.  Then, I fell asleep by accident in my car, and didn't wake til almost noon, and too late to get into the one movie that fit.

So I went off to the nearby Wildlife Refuge, a place I used to use to kill the day, when waiting on cats.  The trails are lovely and its very peaceful.  They've put in a booth now, at the entrance, and I assume, soon, I won't be able to go there without paying up.  So this may have been my last visit.

The refuge didn't look good.  The area was dry, crackly dry and the scrub oaks looked to be dying.  Leaves were not turning color, they were dead on the trees.

Water skipper hops a floating leaf

This is the gray male kitten, fixed yesterday.

The only female of the four, a young brown tabby.  She was not lactating.

Adult brown tabby male fixed yesterday.

A tamish brown tabby tux male fixed yesterday.
 I think I've caught everybody out there now except one black male, who only comes through now and then.  I didn't see him when out trapping this time.  I believe I'm done out there as a result.


  1. How nice to have an area finished.
    I LOVED the water skipper photos. Amazing.

    1. It is nice, but will have to be watched for others who might show. I sat there watching those skippers for about 20 minutes mesmerized.

  2. I love your brother's idea about the best parking lots. I think you should accumulating info and pictures for it now. :)

  3. I agree about the book. With your photography skills it would be really something and might bring in some cash. :) Well done, by the way, on more fixed kitties!