Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sleep Excitement

I got to see my older brother last time I took cats up to the FCCO.   I stopped by their place afterwards and had a lovely dinner of stuffed mushrooms and broccoli.  They are vegetarians.  Both my brothers are.

He was giving me a topper for their mattress, since they were replacing it.  It's nice foam.  But then he asked me what I use for a mattress.  I didn't want to tell him.  I knew it would horrify him.

It's a really old full mattress.  Someone I know knew someone who'd bought an abandoned storage unit at auction.  Inside it, was an old mattress.  You can't resell an old mattress and he didn't want it and told the couple I know about it.  So they brought it here and leaned it against my garage.  They left a phone message telling me.

So I've been using that saggy old thing for years.  Was kind of stained up to begin with.  So I cover it well.  It's on a home made platform bed.  Actually I made a bunk bed.  It's worked fine for me, but I know most people would think I was roughing it horribly.  Actually I sleep very well.

The story of a mattress I found leaning against my garage, with questionable history, did horrify my brother.  Especially since he knows about all the pains I suffer.

I have not had a soft life.   When I moved to this house my other brother owns, I was embarrassed by the extravagance of such a large place.  Two bedrooms.  All the appliances work.  I thought the water heater did too, since I was accustomed to having either no hot water or very little.   I'd get about two minutes of hot water when I first moved in here and I was happy, thought it was great to have a hot shower.  But I mentioned it to my brother and he was appalled.  "Gawd," he said, rolling his eyes.  "The elments are burned out or something.  You should get twenty minutes or more."  I was confused.  I thought two minutes was pretty good.  He came up the next week with a brand new one. I took a ten minute hot shower!

So my older brother has ordered me a mattress, a really nice one.  He said they come in a box and no need anymore for box springs that beds have progressed.   Way over my head.   I don't mind sleeping on the ground or in the back of my car.

So, in case you're wondering, I CAN'T WAIT for it to get here.  What will it be like, I wonder.  I feel like I was raised by wolves or raccoons or way more likely, a colony of cats, and am coming out of the woods for the first time and wide eyed and I wonder if I'll try this wonderful new mattress, when it comes, and end up curling up on the floor.  Maybe it will take time to adjust to something like that.

I'm being very silly in case you hadn't caught it.

Maybe too I'll lounge for a week on it, in my pajamas, reading books surrounded by cats and pretending I'm a princess.

I'm excited.  Can you tell?  Christmas in October.

Speaking of October.  It was 82 degrees today.  Oregon is the newest sunshine state.  I like it.  Global warming is working out for me so far.

I got this from my Canadian friend, for old Vision, who is doing just fine now....
Vision's Canadian friend sent some Fancy Feast Broths.  Vision just loves these.  So does Miss D.  She also sent 3 cases of regular Fancy Feast.

  Today I did all this cleaning, pulling out heavy cat sleep structures, to clean everything.  Who was it I had to watch out for, who wanted to be right in the middle of it, see what I was doing, climb up on things as I was moving them?  21 year old Vision, that's who.  Gosh.

And then there's this, my obsession/hatred of flies has taken me where no person should ever go---photographing flies having sex in my car.   I was transfixed.  They were joined for what seemed an eternity.  I was appalled yet I watched.  Then I took photos.  Am I turning into a fly porn perv?   Are there support groups for that?  The two joined flies unfortunately passed away in that position. (Bwahaha)

I will leave you with this lovely image.


  1. I love that your brother is able to help you out.
    The mattress could well feel too soft for a while - but it will be lovely to be able to sleep without dips and hollows to slide into.
    Jewel really likes those broths too. Jazz not so much.

    1. It's really humbling but wonderful to receive such help! I can't wait to try out the new mattress!

  2. I am so excited for you. Our new pillow topped mattresses were just divine and so much nicer than my thirty year old sagging and springing mattress. Your brother'(s) seem kind.

    1. That's what my brother says, that the old spring loaded mattresses are out! I know I will love it. I was being silly in my post about it.

  3. You new mattress will probably take some time to get used to, but I think you'll feel fewer aches and pains when you get used to it. That is exciting news.

  4. And I would have been totally fascinated by the flies also and would have taken a picture. You may have noticed that I feature bugs fairly often on my blog.

  5. I'm so happy for the brotherly kindness. You make me feel completely coddled. I wish you all the best.

  6. I won't judge your mattress choices, as we just replaced ours after 15 years. The mattress I loved most was a water bed mattress my husband had when we first met. It was perched on a hideous, 80s porn-style bed, but my gosh, that mattress was heaven.

    1. Water beds were all the rage when I was young, in the 80's. Some people liked round ones with mirrors overhead (the beginnings of the look at me movement, minus the selfie sticks). My brother had one. I sat on it once, and remember feeling the little waves go out.