Monday, October 19, 2015

Updates on the Circle K Parking Lot Crowd and an Urgent Home Need for a Family of Cats

The Happy Cat Club donated 3 bags of dry cat food, 3 jugs of litter and 3 cases of wet food to the Dallas woman who took on the 8 Circle K parking lot kittens, cat.  You can always help by donating at the "donate" link, top of the right sidebar.  The Happy Cat Club is a 501c3 federally recognized nonprofit, so your donation is tax deductible.

She already got those large enough for surgery fixed and all three Siamese kittens have homes.  Including Charms, that adorable Lynx Point female, who pranced around my bathroom, tail up, purring her head off, once she figured out she was safe.
Charms, already fixed and in a home!

Momma Siam is another story.  She's not feral but not tame either.  She climbs the screen door on Edith's bedroom, like a feral would, but Edith can go pluck her off it and hold her, no growling or hissing, but she doesn't relax yet.  Her age was judged at 5 years, when spayed.  How long has she been out there, on her own, having kittens?  And what happened to all those other litters?   She was once owned, obviously, but also obvious, she hasn't been in someone's arms, who cares, for a very long time.   Edith is patient.  "She'll come around," she says.
Momma Siam

Her orange boy isn't as quick to come around as the three Siamese were, but hopefully he will also.  The smaller ones too, from some other mother.  I can't go trap for her, because there's nowhere for her to go, if I catch her.

While I was there, delivering the food, a van rolls up.  A woman and kids step out of it, with a buff and white kitten.   I hold the very relaxed kitten, sitting in the back of my car, hatch up, while the woman talks and talks.   The young woman who had the kitten was there too and says she can't care for him anymore.  Talking with them, turns out the older woman who drove the younger woman with kitten over has an unfixed female and two older kittens, too, and an unfixed dog, and is on welfare, having 7 kids of her own.   So quickly it is arranged for her to drop off the unfixed cats to be fixed through Edith.  Same old.  Same old.  Brought back all the memories of when I did the round ups.  Edith is a saint, but one doing so much on so little.  And mostly alone.  Same old.

I was glad The Happy Cat Club could take her a little bit of help, in the form of food and litter.

Driving home, I drove past a house, where I'd gotten a colony fixed three years ago.   From the backside, the house appeared vacant.  I tried to let it go in my mind, but I couldn't.  Last night after dark, I went back.   In the parking lot, behind the two unit rental house, I was met by eyes, flashing back at me when my headlights hit them.  Cats!   And they were hungry.   I was horrified.

The house was vacant.  There were some plastic food dishes in the parking lot, but they were empty and full of pine needles.  I filled them full and the cats mobbed them.  I trapped 13 cats back in May and October of 2012 there, and hand grabbed and netted 9 kittens, who went to shelters or I adopted out from my bathroom.   The colony included only two males.  One of the younger girls was hit and killed in the parking lot, I know, which would make a max of 12 cats if all the rest are still alive.   The grand mother of all the cats has only 2 legs, one in front on one side, one in the back on the other.

I found out this morning the property is now bank owned.   What a shame for those poor cats.  I need to find them a safe barn or shop home.  Any home, that is safe and responsible!!!   Please help find a place for them.  Please.  Yes, I am begging.

Here is a video I took of the colony when I got them fixed over three years ago.


  1. It's never ending. Some success stories and some not. I'm amazed at how you keep track of the names of the many cats you come in contact with. I think I would just call all of them Kitty, Kitty.

    1. It's an up and down thing, and we, who help cats, do the best we can. This is a very poor area so foreclosure houses are all over the place, two on this block alone. Foreclosures often leave animals in dire straits. I hope we find a place for the cats. It's strange, I can't remember human names for the life of me, although I am good at remembering faces. But cats, I remember for years upon years. Not sure why. I also keep extremely detailed records.

    2. You were right in your comment on your own blog about how we can't save the world. I will try my best to find a place for these cats. Whether I will be able to, I don't know.

  2. I am so very sorry to hear this. Sigh.
    It seems that Edith and you are cast from the same mold. And there needs to be more of you. And less crying need for you.

  3. How heartbreaking! Warm wishes and prayers from Ohio, my dear, for what it's worth.