Sunday, October 18, 2015

Back to Sun, The New Oregon

Don't I love the sun!
Sure, I was born in Oregon.
But I didn't sign on for constant gray
Hurray for Global Warming Hurray!

Kidding, you rain loving Oregonians.   By next spring, when I can't find a puddle large enough to float my boat, I won't be singing that song I made up to sing to my cats anymore.

Fall is definitely here, no worries.

Here's my maple, almost entirely red now.  The cherry leaves first turn yellow before they fall.

I don't have a lot to say today.  I've been bored.  I've finished so many projects.  Then I had to rest up for the BIG project---making room for a new metal frame bunkbed arrangement my brother sent me.  It's twin over full.  The twin up top is all the cats will get.  Ha ha cats!

But, ha ha me, because I have to tear apart the old bunk bed I made for myself.   And I don't put things together so they come apart easily.  No siree.  When I build something, it's Fort Knox.

I'm not quite ready to part with it.  So I'm tearing it apart to reassemble in the second bedroom.  For the cats.  Maybe they'll just move in there entirely.  Fat chance.

To get it into the 2nd bedroom, once taken apart enough to fit out my bedroom door and into the other bedroom, first I must make room in there.  I'm ridding myself of the cat wheel I made some years back.  They barely use it anymore.  I'm trying to sell it but no takers thus far.

Darn lazy cats, they rarely use it.  Too smart to run on a wheel like hamster or a human.  It's like "Why would I do that?"
I also will need to rid the 2nd bedroom of the Ship of State cat structure I made from an old door. (of course I name my cat structures.  Doesn't everyone?)

Ship of State cat structure.
I'm going to cut it's legs off evenly, so it is much shorter, and put it in the garage cat room.  Theoretically.

That will leave room for the bunk bed in the 2nd bedroom.  The cats love it and winter is coming which means the cat yard cats will likely be slinking inside when nights are cold through the cat runs.  Meaning---more bed space appreciated.

But its a lot of work in my head.  My body then starts hurting to think of all that hand, arms and shoulders work.   Then I want to sit down and not do it.

Better to get it done, be ready when that frame arrives.  I've been warned they are hard to put together.  I've not met an Ikea product yet I can't figure out, although this is not an Ikea bed frame, but just saying, Ikea has the worst instructions ever created so if I can put together something Ikea, I feel ready!

My old beloved car is using oil.  Not leaking oil, using it.   I have to add a quart a month.  And I don't drive much.  This is not a good sign.

What will  I do when that car gives out?   You mean, after I stop sobbing?  No clue.  Life will become infinitely more difficult.  I don't want to go there in my mind.

The 2nd crop sunflowers are doing excellent!

Look how beautiful!

I got this bush on discount, because it was dying, a couple years ago, at a pop up nursery.  It cost $5.  I can't remember what it is, but it has gone to town.  In the fall, the leaves turn red and it flowers yellow.

I bought some green onions at the store, then planted the bulb ends, once I'd used the green, and ever since, I have a patch growing outside.   I can clip some to chop for my rice anytime.

 I leave you with photos of two of the Lebanon colony boys.  Arrow is the black boy peeking out of the cat run into the cat yard and Willy here, looks like he's scowling but he's a nice boy.   I never know how long I'll have any of them.  I've already lost two, Rosy and Cloudy, to sudden saddle clots followed by death.  I presume heart problems may run in the inbred group.   They have happy lives now, however.  Bluebell, Gracie, Vino, Hawkeye, Huckleberry and Mona Lisa have acclimated very very well, play wildly and have lots of friends.  This month marks two years since I helped save those 60 cats left behind by a Lebanon a-hole when she moved.


  1. Love your sunflowers, and your cats. And your industry.
    I am chuckling at the mere thought that the cats will allow you to sleep in your new bed without them. They are sooooo good at finding the most comfortable spot - and taking it over.

    1. Oh, you think I'm delusional about that? Ha, I probably am.

  2. Plenty of entertaining structures for the cats. The maple looks great and the sunflowers are a reasonable size.

  3. Love your sunflower pictures. How does the cat wheel work?


      The above is a link to a youtube video I made of Miss daisy in the wheel.

  4. Oh, I must watch the video. What a cool idea!