Thursday, September 03, 2015

And Yet Another Assist

There's a cat rescue in the county, whose fosterers often have to buy foster supplies themselves when there are not donations.  They do the lion's share of the work in this county, in trying to save all the unwanted kittens and cats.  Most have little money themselves.

I put out a plea online and got two donations, to my nonprofit, The Happy Cat Club.  Part of my mission is to help people who are helping community cats, when the funds are there.  

With the two donations, coming to just over $300, this morning one of the foster ladies and I went on a small shopping spree with those donations.  This allowed the purchase of a bag of dry Natural Balance, 3 $20 Costco gas cards, that will help them transport cats and kittens to adoption venues and spay, neuter appointments, 5 25 lb bags of Costco dry cat food, 8 jugs of Costco cat litter and 2 48 can cases of Friskies wet food.  Not bad, eh?

Another needed assist.  Thank you to both of the people who donated so a little relief could go to those making a huge difference in our overwhelmed area here.

As for the sick male with the puffed out face, he got neutered today, antibiotic injection and his face drained.  I haven't any further update.  Will post when I do.   He's lucky to be alive, I'll say.  Very lucky.  The stars were in to speak.  I guess there are at least two more cats over at the same place needing caught and fixed.  


  1. Good buying. A few dollars can do so much good.