Friday, September 04, 2015

Condemned Livestock, Overpriced Bobbles, Bad Food and Wild Rides. The State Fair.

Some things are best left undone.

Like going to the state fair.  

My opinion.

Unless you want to look into the soft trusting eyes of condemned livestock.

Or eat fried ice cream.  How about Bacon wrapped fried Reese's Cups?

Not for you?

What about a brick of greasy curly fries then?

Or this?

 No, I didn't.  I couldn't.  

I ate 3 small tacos, then got sick.  I went from overcrowded bathroom to overcrowded bathroom.

I didn't do this either......

That was a giant bungee hurl, that hurled people several stories into the air, for $30 each.  

Who has that kind of money? Apparently a lot of people do.

Everything at the fair was spendy, except entrance which today was a quarter.  But parking was $5.  I met a Portland friend there, who had her granddaughter and her friend with her.  The kids went on ride after ride.   She'd bought them unlimited ride bracelets on some special.

The fair can be missed and you won't care.  If you're a kid who likes rides, then go, if you've got a relative with bucks to spare.

There's the rigged to take your money games, too, of all kinds.  The usual suspects.  Be the first to blow up a balloon with a water gun!   Toss rings onto coke bottles lined up and win a trinket! What a racket.  Separating people from their money!  The state fair can do that for you!

Sellers and Crusaders Galore! 

This lady was good with her hula hoops, even looping them around her pony tail and her nose.  But her partner, the main act, a juggler, was about the crappiest juggler you could imagine.  No talent did not stop him.  Someone should have.

A lackluster juggler who lacked detectable talent.

It was nice to see my friend.  But if you miss the state fair you won't care.

I plan to miss it the next several years in fact.

If you do go, take money, lots of it, sturdy shoes, a raincoat and Tums.

Oregon is back to Oregon.  It poured off and on this afternoon, leaving large dirty puddles to wade through, but no one seemed to notice.  


  1. Sad and expensive places. I like the produce pavilions. And the baking and the craft work. NOT the animals. The food is always suspect and the rides too much for my tummy (and wallet). And they are soooooo noisy.

    1. Yes, the food is always suspect and I guess it was getting sick, then wearing sandals, so my feet started hurting immediately with all the walking, that tainted the experience.

  2. I went to my old home town's fair a few years ago. My friend's family had all sorts of involvement. One thing I really did enjoy was the horseback riding show. Nice photos, by the way. I'm really sorry that you fell ill. That stinks.