Thursday, July 02, 2015

7 More Trailer Park Cats/Kittens and a Long Hot Day in Portland with Six of Them

Yesterday morning, I caught three cats at the trailer park in an hour.   One was the six week old boy kitten.  At only 1.1 lbs, he went to Karen, with KATA, to foster.  His new name is Ricky Rumble.

The other two caught were a large brown tabby and white male and a black tux female, who is probably the mother of the Siamese girl kitten I netted last night, in the shed, late, about 10:15, just as I called it a day.

The girl kitten is big enough to fix and was today.

The other three adults I caught last night, in a relatively short time, were all tabbies--the tabby female who hangs out with her older boy kitten, and two more young adult tabby males, one a tabby tux and the other, the adult who often hangs out with the female.  I did not catch her tabby boy kitten.

17 caught, 16 fixed now.

We'll give it a rest for a few weeks as I have nowhere to get them fixed until late July.  The old woman and I are both worn out from the extreme heat we're having in Oregon and the attempts to catch the cats in the heat to take advantage of a handful of free to quite cheap clinic fixing reservations that happened to arise.

 I had no idea there are as many cats there as there are.  But we've cut down the number of unfixed cats and will focus on nabbing the stragglers one by one.  The stragglers include another black tux female, a black tux male, two black females and a black male, a long hair buff orange male, along with two more fixable age black kittens and a brown tabby male teen.  Getting there.

I got a decent nights sleep before heading off with the six to Portland and the clinic.  Again, the nightmare of congestion that has become Portland started miles before I even reached Portland and stretched through out, not only to the clinic, but everywhere I tried to go during the day.

If I lived in Portland, I'd ride mass transit for sure.

The heat became suffocating by noon, so I did something I haven't done in a very long time.  I went to the movies. To stay cool.  100 degrees is hard to bear, sitting in a car in a parking lot.  Impossible to bear.

 Myself and five other people were the only ones in the theater, watching, in 3D, Jurassic Park.  It was the only movie playing that fit my time frame, for when I'd have to head back to the clinic.

I've never seen a 3D movie before.  It seemed like normal, if you know what I mean, after about ten minutes, to adjust.  What I didn't like so much was the 40 minutes of advertisements before the movie.  You pay to see a movie, then they exploit the captive audience with the nonstop big screen ads.  They went on and on and on.  It was darn frustrating and icky.  I think in the old days, if they did that, people would bombard the screen with candy and popcorn.  No wonder everyone has switched to Netflix.

I loved the movie.  I mean, what's not to like, lots of action, good special effects, not much of a plot, a no brainer movie, a good movie to watch just chilling out killing time in a climate controlled building when its a hundred degrees outside.

I got out just in time to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour.  I had anticipated this, and got to the clinic right on time!  Already adjusting to the congestion of Portland traffic.  Not bad.

More congestion on the way home.  Hours of it, in fact.   I wanted so badly to find somewhere to pull over and just sleep awhile, but no way to do that in the extreme heat.  Would prove deadly, not only for me, but for the just fixed cats in my car.

Now they're in my bathroom, nice and cool.  I couldn't even leave them in the car  in my garage to recuperate, as I often do, with all the doors wide open.  It's still too hot.  Unbelievable heat this year.  Kind of scary with people shooting off fireworks.  I'm so lucky to have a heat pump.  I'll post photos of the cats fixed in the morning.  Time for bed!


  1. Your day began busy..nice to relax and stay inside on a warish day..

  2. Well done.
    Sleep well - you and the lucky cats.
    I can't get over how LOUD movies are now. So very loud. And how many people seem to need to eat all the way through them.

    1. I could hear the crunching from the three people behind me. It was loud. The other two people both had giant tubs of popcorn but they were not loud eaters and very polite with it. I was happy to have the money to see the movie, but could never afford the unbelievable prices they also charge for popcorn, soda and candy. I do love the movie theater experience of the huge screen and surround sound, but there are so many negatives to going, like the price, rude fellow movie goers, often on their phones, and the darn ads you are forced to watch. However, it was really nice to have somewhere I could just kick back, and yes, I nodded off for awhile, out of the heat.

  3. Well done! And I'm so glad you have a heat pump. That's us, as well, though it's really nice in Ohio today. I agree about movie theater advertising. I'm still old school in that I like to own the DVD of a movie I enjoy. And even those have ads, as I'm sure you know, though at least we can usually fast forward or skip them. To think we used to pay for cable television and not have to watch advertisements. Those were the days.

    1. Thanks, I feel really good about getting so many done quickly. the old woman especially is happy about getting so many males done as they cause problems there. You're in Ohio? Last night the Neuter Scooter vet sent me a promo for a clinic she's doing in Ohio but so far has no cats signed up. But, not being familiar with Ohio, I don't recall the town. I just watch TV on what I can get through the air, through the old rusty antenna on the roof. Can be frustrating but its good enough for me. Cable is so expensive! I like to watch and rewatch some movies too! I have some favorites I love.

    2. Van Wurt, Ohio, is where the Neuter Scooter clinic is. She's the vet who can do 100 cats in a day by herself.