Friday, July 03, 2015

Photos of the 6 Cats Fixed Yesterday

Tomasina.  Fixed yesterday.  This girl is awesome, and was tame once and wants a home, although it would need to be with a patient soul.  She has a few abandonment issues.   When I took her back, her older kitten raced out from where he was hiding overjoyed to see her.
Timmy, brown tabby tux male fixed yesterday.

Tamar, brown tabby male, fixed yesterday.

Tabitha, the Siamese female kitten, I netted in the old woman's shed, who was fixed yesterday.  The old woman took her inside the house, as least for the hot days, she says.

Tickle, brown tabby on white male, fixed yesterday.  This was a dominant male and a good catch to be fixed.  There are at least a couple dominants left to catch and fix, one black tux and one black.  When they are done, the park should be quiet again, by a month after their neuters.  Getting all these cats fixed will change things drastically there.  

Last but not least, sweet Tina, a well mannered black tux girl, polite, despite her feral nature, and grateful for any food I could give her.  Some of these cats can break your heart.
  Then look what I saw this a.m. when returning the cats.
I thought at first it was another mother with a failure to launch older son.  But looking closer, I see it's Jack, neutered last week, with the younger cat.  Who needs caught and fixed still.  Jack doesn't know he's neutered yet and won't act like it and the black could be a young female, going into heat.  It's just fine that Jack's with her, because he's loaded with blanks now.
The so far unfixed teen hanging with neutered Jack.
We're getting there at the park.  It will be a better place for all this effort, for the animals and the people.

My washing machine quit spinning yesterday.  I don't know if it quit agitating.  I am in a pickle since I have very few clothes and have to wash daily.  I really do not want to be that third world type spending hours hand washing/scrubbing clothes and cat bedding.  Bad timing for sure with stinky cage covers still out in the driveway from the trapping endeavor.

Have been watching washing machine repair youtube videos, but just taking apart this 8 year old machine, is tricky, due to rusted bolts and screws and improper tools.  I cut myself once already on the sharp metal edges inside it.

At this point, I have everything disconnected and will have to set up my camera to watch the tank and agitator, when I turn the pulley on the bottom one way, then the other, to determine if the transmission is working properly.

 If it isn't bad, that leaves the pump bad or possibly simply the timer, which is what I really hope because this is an Admiral, formerly Maytag, a discontinued brand I'm told, so finding recycled parts, like a working pump, if that's what's bad, may be hard.

It's July 3, hot as the dickens and I can't raise a soul on the phone.  I suppose people are out enjoying the holiday or even gone.  Might get very lonely here again for awhile.  At least I have this project, that is really very urgent, since I need clothes to wear and I need to wash cat bedding and cage covers.

I don't like laundry mats.  They are expensive, sometimes scary and very time consuming.


  1. I hope you can fix your washer.
    I remember when hand washing was our only option.
    Hard work - and not all that efficient.
    Good luck.

    1. I don't want to go backwards in time and hand wash, roller them less wet through a squeegee. I'm worn out enough as it is.

  2. Fingers crossed you can fix the washer.. :) I'm really enjoying your blog..

  3. Good luck with the washer. Ours was broken last week and I really missed it. Fortunately, the repair was fairly simple. I hope the same happens for you.

    1. Well the belt was fine, I think, don't think it is too stretched, but it might be the transmission, I don't know.

  4. Oh, no! A broken washing machine is frustrating, to say the least. Best wishes. And well done with the trailer park cats!

    1. Yes it is, quite a frustration, tub is now full of sopping wet clothes because I'd hoped I'd fixed it,but it doesn't even agitate, let alone spin. Getting desperate here, as I have so few clothes to begin with. Left the stinky cage covers from trapping outside. Not sure how to proceed either.

    2. Well, shoot. This is a problem. Aid seems reciprocal with some of your local shelters/rescues. Does one of them have a washer and dryer that you could use in an absolute pinch? It would be an odd request, but I am thinking outside the box because I hate your situation. I have no mechanical ability and will keep my thinking cap on. ~grin~ Best wishes.

    3. We don't have many local rescues. I am hoping to get a repair person out tomorrow. They've expensive, but not as expensive as having no washer. I got a taste of reality when I went to the laundrymat and had to pay $3.50 per washer load. I haven't done laundry at a laundry mat for 8 years and prices have jumped a lot since then! I could not find a new belt for the washer either, but a repairman would have one. I don't know that is what is wrong, but it might be, but ordering a belt online just to see if that fixes it is also a money eating gamble. Not to mention time consuming.

  5. Hope you get the washing machine fixed...the cats look good..