Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Deed Be Done. The Cats are Fixed

All 8 cats are fixed now.  I returned the four owned ones to their trailer.  So they came and took possession of the four adults cats, three of them girls.  I'd also taken their 8 kittens clear to Portland. They didn't even ask about them.

The three from the other trailer park turned out to be one black girl, Una I named her and she was lactating (of course), and one black male, Blackie.  Then there was Moonshine, the silver tabby girl who was both lactating and pregnant.  She's no longer pregnant, thank goodness!

So, having two lactating females on board, I had to return them tonight, for the sake of the kittens.  I fed them and just now got back from returning them, so they can go back to their kittens.  The black female, Una, is nothing more than a teen herself.  And she is, turns out, the mom of those shed kittens and those kittens are six to seven weeks old.

When I told the old woman I was coming back for those kittens, she said "no, you can't take them from their mother this young."  She doesn't want any kittens taken.

You can't not get the kittens out of there, the ones seven weeks and under that are tamable.   Not only to reduce suffering and impact on the area, but because otherwise, you have to wait it out, til they're big enough to be fixed, try to catch them, but not the others you've gotten fixed, sort it all out again, and all before they start reproducing.  She had no sympathy whatsoever for this line of reasoning.

So the neighbors, who overheard, and said they'd had the same argument with her, said they'd grab kittens if they found them and call me.  I thanked them.  They gave me back an FCCO trap from years ago, when tenants tried to catch them for a clinic.  They caught a few, but not many, and she said she tried to call the clinic coordinators to find out where to take the trap, but never got an answer.  So I get the trap back, for the FCCO, years later.  Better late than never.  I won't be making a trip to Portland to return it to the FCCO, but I did request reservations at their Independence Spay clinic, which is free, to fix more trailer park cats.  If I get them, I can return their trap then.

Jake, the 8th trailer park cat, is in my garage and recuperating from "lost boy" surgery.  He's a crypt orchid, with one testicle up inside his body, which required opening him up and searching for the lost boy.   The lost boy was found and he was completely neutered.  No wonder I didn't, in a quick glance, when he first came here, see big balls hanging as expected with such a big kitty as is he.

Cats can have one lost boy or two.  Having two lost boys makes a cat look neutered, although they're not and the only way sometimes to make sure a double crypt is a double crypt and not an already neutered male is to excise the penis and look for the telltale spines at the base.  No spines=neutered male.  Spines?  Go search out the lost boys inside.

I hear tell some vets will not tell an owner their cat is a crypt orchid because they're lazy and don't want to bother opening the cat up.  That's not good, if true.

I like Jake, the big gray boy from Tangent.  He's awesome and I hope they're feeding him well down at that trailer park.  I hope they treat him with kindness.

Yes, I took those 8 darling kittens to the Portland rescue right after dropping off the 8 cats in Salem to be fixed.  I was so tired when I got there, I lay down in the rescue kitten room to nap.  The kittens were revved!  Toys of all kinds to chase and throw and cat trees to charge up and knock each off of and omg, they were a torrent!     I drifted off and woke up with kittens leaping from body.  I too had become a toy.  I laughed and laughed.

My rescue friend who took them in had some things to give me to sell.  Now I can tell people in ads for the next flea market "Many New Items"!   I'm getting into this.

But she also had an unwanted, very low down, recliner chair.  It was in the basement.  I wanted that chair! I wanted that chair so much I stupidly helped carry it upstairs and to the car.  After which I began to suffer severely.  I did something painful to my right shoulder.  Something very painful.

It's a margarita kind of night.  Without the margarita.



  1. Ouch. I hope the pain eases off.
    Yay for getting the cats fixed.
    Love the term 'lost boy' surgery. And I am quite sure that some vets err on the side of laziness.
    I prefer cats to kittens - but those fuzz balls melted my stony heart.
    Rest up. And thank you.

    1. I keep forgetting I'm old, EC, and can't carry awkward heavy items up a staircase from a basement. I can't take the energy drink that is "kitten" either, anymore, not for long. I will stick with the adults!

  2. It's pleasing they are done the 8 of them.

  3. I sure hope your shoulder is better. Please take care of yourself. And I'm thankful you got to enjoy time with kittens. You deserve a little joy.

    1. Me too, Darla! And thanks!

  4. When we got one of cats, we thought he was female because of his two lost boys. However, they came down on their own in time for an easy neutering.

    Thanks for the kitten pictures. There's nothing cuter. Hope your shoulder is better soon.

    1. There's a lot of that! Mistaken sexes. Gray areas. Cats with sex organs for both sexes (hermaphrodites). And once, a colony I ran across, also in a trailer park, composed of homosexual boys.