Monday, June 22, 2015

Before and After!

Black male cat from trailer park before fixing

And him yesterday!  Love that great ear tip!
I took a few more photos yesterday at the trailer park.  Initially I thought I was going to trap more to be fixed Thursday, but turns out there's no money to get that done here.  I requested reservations with the FCCO in their free Independence Spay clinics, that begin June 30, but no word yet on whether I can get in with more trailer park cats or not.   If its' not free, I can't do it, as I still even have to come up with gas money.  Nobody is contributing on these cats.
The old woman who feeds is 83 or something and scrimps so she can buy cat food.

Not good around here. Very few resources to help cats.  Especially to get them fixed.

Darn it anyhow.

Not sure if this guy is fixed or not.

There were four kittens in the shed last night, four blacks and the Siamese.  Another kitten was outside the shed, so there are at least five kittens about the weight when they too can be fixed.

This black tux is lactating.  See that swollen milk bag above her rear foot?

Well, one can only do what one can do.   Darn it.  I wanted to at least solve this situation.  I probably won't give up on trying to find a way to get the job done either.  I don't give up easy.

UPDATE:  I just got a $100 donation to help fix the trailer park cats and have offered it up by e-mail to the FCCO, to do all of them (not sure I'll trap them all at once, for one clinic).  I hope they will accept this.  I am very excited over the possibility!  Thank you Carol!

And, by the way, remember Jake, the big crypt orchid from the Tangent trailer park?  He got himself an offer of an open space at Odd Cat Out, up in the Portland area.  Lucky Boy.  He's leaving tomorrow.  He wasn't wanted at the trailer park.  He was trapped because the guy who trapped him wanted him dead.  THANK YOU Odd Cat Out!

Good Boy Jake
Also I'd like to send my warmest get well wishes to Oscar of the Neuterscooter.  The Neuterscooter operates out of Indiana, often fixing 100 cats in a single day for very low cost.  For a brief time, they did clinics in Oregon and I was privileged to volunteer at a few of those clinics.  Some were marathons, like when we went to eastern Oregon and fixed 400 cats in 4 days.  I was crawling, literally, by the end.   That's how I met Dr. Peavy and Oscar.

Oscar is the nicest guy, hard working, fun loving and in love with life.  He's got the most lovely positive charming attitude you could imagine.  He was driving two days ago and hit head on by a drunk driver.  Oscar survived the crash and is home from the hospital but sustained some horrible injuries that will require a long healing process, is what I've heard thus far. Considering what the car he was driving looks like after the crash, this world is lucky Oscar is alive.  Best wishes in recovery to my Neuterscooter friend Oscar.


  1. Such a mixed post. Some wonderful news - the donation and a home for Jake, and some sad stuff. I hope that Oscar's recovery is smooth and quick.

    1. Me too, on Oscar's recovery.

  2. Good on you getting the donation. That lady is kind like you :)

    1. Thanks EC, and yes, am very happy about the donation.

  3. What a wonderful donation. Best wishes and prayers for Oscar. And may you be well, also.