Friday, April 03, 2015

C is for.....Do You Have to Ask?

C is for Cats.

Lots and lots of cats.

My kingdom for a cat!

My goodness, how I love cats!

I'm not crazy, you are if you don't love them too!

My history with cats in a small nutshell:  Thrown into brutal mental system when young.  No family, alone and sad all the time.  Forcibly drugged by the mental system and set to live in a converted hotel with other mentals the rest of my life.  Abused further on psyche wards often.  Beaten finally on a psyche ward by staff and tossed out, two days before Christmas, no shoes or coat, into a snow and ice storm.   Took two years to get neck surgery to repair the damage done in the beating.  Lived homeless along the river like a stray cat.  Finally found family and love with a colony of feral cats, who also lived along the river.  (Still have one of my river cat family---ancient Vision). The river cats saved me. Now, I save cats, in return.

I left the mental system, realizing I was not crazy at all.  No more psyche drugs or humiliating sessions with case nurse.  I tell people my real life began in the year 2001, the year I escaped the mental system.

And I live with cats I've saved, lots of cats, and they give me what I want and need--love and laughter!  I'm determined to care for them properly until they die, which is why I'm still affiliated with nonprofit Poppa Inc., even though they've shut down their spay neuter mission, under which I acted as a volunteer cat wrangler and rounded up over 10,000 cats, feral and tame, and took them to be fixed, over the last 12 years.  Now as an affiliate I try to raise the money to keep them fed and in the vet care.

That, in a few paragraphs, is why I love cats and how I came to live with many cats here and why I try to raise the money to care for them very well.

May the cats be with you!

That is why C is for Cats!


  1. Of course C is for cats. And F is for felines. And M is for moggies... Lots and lots and lots of furry, purry, love and laughter.

  2. What a story! Thank you for sharing. Some cute photos too. Thank you for the work you do.
    My story is much less dramatic. Until I was forced to change careers due to ill health I worked for a decade as a qualified veterinary nurse. I met and treated a LOT of cats in that time. Rescued a kitten the Police brought in having found him tied in a plastic bag and dumped in a bin. And an 18 year old Siamese brought in to be out to sleep because his owners were moving house and didn't want to take him!!! Then of course there was the duckling, the dog and various other unloved animals!

    1. Ohhhh, on the kitten you rescued. And so sad, on the Siamese and so happy he wasn't killed for the convenience of the owners. The duckling and the dog! You sound like my kind of people!

    2. Animals are my life. I miss working with them, but my health just isn't good enough. I also rescued a horse who is now very happy with his surrogate mummies ego look after him in my place :) (I miss him though.)

  3. I loved the "I'm not crazy" comment. I feel so many of the same things for cats and I constantly admit to all who will listen that "I'm not crazy...maybe just a little."

    2015 A to Z Blogger
    Visions of Other Worlds

    1. Maybe we're all a little bit nuts, J.

  4. Yes C is for cats who became your friends and asked mot much in return.
    You have certainly had it rough and tough...the system isn't the best at you found out...take care xx

  5. Glad you found love and friendship with the cats. Have you met my guinea pigs yet?
    George's Guinea Pig World
    They keep me more or less sane. ;)

  6. I couldn't agree with you more :) I love cats- I have 15 and that is what my blog is about.

  7. I'm glad that your VERY difficult life found a positive path with cats. The certainly enrich my life.