Saturday, April 04, 2015

D is for Denial

D is for Denial.

Denial is one of my very best friends.

If it were not for my relationship with Denial, I could not make it through the Day.

Sure, I also love to DayDream.  Who Doesn't?

But Denail lets me pretend I'm not so fat and not so old and that the wrinkles I have Developed, in certain places, will surely vanish and very soon.

Denail allows me to believe all things lovely and wonderful and that bad things are not necessarily real!

What's not to like about my friend Denial?

My ex friend, Reality, sure hates Denial.  Ha, that's how ex's always are.


  1. Denial - not just a river in Egypt is a friend of mine too.

  2. It's a great friend!

  3. It's sometimes tough to ged rid of Denial...

    1. It's true Denial can become one of those clingy needy stalker type friends.

  4. Denial and I don't really get along. Reality is my partner of choice so I'm glad we were able to swap :)

  5. Interesting letter I'd is the word Denial...

  6. Denial is a non acceptance of reality! It is good to tell oneself so, as it allows for some space. One can then maintain a positive attitude and make corrections for improvements!