Friday, February 27, 2015

Slinko's New Life and Thoughts

Slinko is doing great.  Once I picked him up from the vet and he knew he'd gone there for treatment, not death, and was then coming back home with me, he exploded in happiness.

He knew. The vet care for his bad tooth means someone loves him.

It's such a relief for a cat like him, who has been dumped and treated badly, to understand, he's good now.  The cares can be left behind.

And not just me.  People out there who have never even met him helped him out.

But he takes it out on me.  It's ok.  I can handle his love just fine.

Slinko not only knows his name and comes when called, he will stand on his back legs, upon command and even reach out his paws. 

Blueberry is doing well after her dental also.   I gave her  a partial Mohawk.   Apparently my skills with a clipper have not improved.

The Takeover.  I'm only allowed on my own bed at certain hours.


  1. They only know they've been abandoned, yet again, and only the proof of their loved one showing up can take that desperation from their hearts.

  2. It's true, Joy. Makes me cry to think about it.

  3. Aw! You're so wonderful, Strayer. :) Love the way Slinko does tricks!!