Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Slinko Gets His Dental

Slinko went to the vet today.  He was experiencing mouth pain.  He'd cry at times, when eating, or even yawning.  So I made an appointment.  I saw no reason to make it more expensive with an exam first.  Fortunately the vet I use now, a country vet, is practical and affordable and the dental was scheduled for

Slinko spent last night in the bathroom, so he wouldn't eat and get sick on anesthesia.   He felt special and I was in and out before bed, holding him on my lap and he loved it.

But this morning, he knew something was up and began to get very nervous.  I put him into a carrier first then thought I better put him in a live trap for his safety at the clinic.  Cats in traps can be given the first shot of knock out drugs through the trap mesh which is safer for the cat and the vet.  Slinko becomes hissy when scared and he was scared out of his mind. He strikes out when scared.  I know he thought I was going to dump him there or have him killed.   My poor baby.  I had to leave fast.

It wasn't more than a couple hours later the vet called to tell me he had one really bad tooth, all tartared up and with a hole in it and infected into the sinus cavity above it.  It was the last upper right premolar, at the very back, next to the lonely only molar.

Other than that, other than some cleaning needed on that side, he was good to go. He was also updated on his rabies vaccine.  I feel a cat needs to get three rabies vaccines in their life and then that's good enough but I also feel it is a public responsibility to do that.  My cats go in and out, although the yard is contained, but not well enough contained to keep bats out of it.

Cats have 12 incisors, six up top and six on the bottom. These are the teensy little front teeth. They have four canines, two above, two below---the fangs.  They have ten premolars, six up top, three to a side, and four on the bottom, two to a side.  Then they have only the four tiny molars.  Cats don't chew their food.  They rip and tear it apart.  They have no need for molars.

Slinko's feelings were hurt when I loaded him into a trap then into my car and took off with him this morning.  He was scared to death I was getting rid of him too.  He's had a lot of that in his life I think.  He was so relieved to see me come back for him this afternoon.  Now he's happy to be home and sleeping it off.
Under the Influence, in the car, for the trip home from the vet.

Thanks so much to the donors who made his vet visit and pain relief for Slinko possible.  Midori and Mark of Washington state, but formerly of Lebanon, and Barbara Anderson of Nebraska both of whom have many many rescued cats themselves and care for them well.  These are our heroes of the day.   I'm so grateful to them and everyone else who has helped with other cats.  I have no words except THANK YOU!


  1. I wonder if he can remember the pain and that it is now gone and associates that with you.

  2. Cats do sense that they are going to be taken to the vets. Hope all is well.