Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bye Bye Tulip and Rusty

Today I met a Washington state rescue woman in Wilsonville, to hand off Tulip and Rusty, two of the Lebanon colony cats released for further medical treatment and adoption.

Rusty has a clouded over left eye, not sure if that will ever resolve.  He is the sweetest little guy.  The moment I moved the pair into my bathroom, on Friday, after returning everyone else from their colony, he wanted in my arms, on my lap or to be playing.  His happiness and constant activity miffed poor little Tulip who had a spay to recover from, which takes a lot more than recovering from a neuter.  She needed some sleep.

They're unbelievable young cats with personality plus, and will always likely be small, almost munchkin size. I will miss this loving fun pair.

 Now my own cats have the bathroom back and that makes them feel justified.  It is their bathroom, after all.  But also, naturally, they are angry at me, because strange cat smells permeate their bathroom.  That's my fault and I must be punished.  I'm always in hot water with them for something.

Maybe I'll just live in my car with nice cats like Rusty and Tulip.

The Oscars will take over TV tonight.  My TV reception has been bad lately, so bad I mostly just watch Netflix if anything at all.  I need to get up on the roof and redo the cable in from the antenna.  I ran it down through the top of the former wood stove chimney, so it hangs in the air for a few feet off the roof and I think that's where it picks up interference.  What do I know though.  I'm lucky to sometimes get a channel for awhile.  I'll shut up and be happy for that.  That old man in Lebanon I just trapped for only gets a couple channels real fuzzy from his antenna.

Anyhow, back to the Oscars.  I never watch them.  Puts me to sleep.  It's nice that they all dress up fancy and give each other awards and pats on the back and lengthy boring thank you everyone in the world speeches, but I don't want to hear or see that.  Good gosh.  Yuk.

So tonight will  be slim pickings on the TV if the antenna is catching any signal at all.

That's life.

Bye bye Rusty and Tulip.  Good luck, little sweeties.

And here is an oddity, you might think, but you would not think so if you lived here.   The recycle center here is often used as an illegal trash dump and trash oddities abound.  I don't know how the garbage company puts up with it.  Twice I've gone there only to find human feces near one post.   I recycle my wood pellet fuel bags there.  They have one bin dedicated, or so the sign says, to plastic bag recycling.


  1. Good you got some of the cats sorted. I know who won what at the Oscars as we have been informed via news as it happened, then tonight I suppose (my time) we will be shown them, maybe. Once I used to watch, but that was years ago, now it doesn't excited me at all.

  2. The Oscars were on tv when I was at work this Monday. A very straight bloke amused me by saying, is there any part of Nicole Kidman original?

  3. Was happy those two young ones were released to get some better care and hopefully homes. They are up in Washington state now. I'll be given updates. They keep them quarantined from other cats for two or three weeks, to make sure they don't come down with distemper. Especially this pair, since obviously something has been killing off the kittens in that colony and it wasn't Feline Leukemia, because three have been tested for that and were negative. So the next most likely suspect up there is going to be distemper. Anyhow, they'll be careful.

    I heard some of the results on the news this morning for the Oscars but I can't handle a show that long and I'm afraid to mention, that boring. My TV reception is not good anyhow.