Thursday, February 19, 2015

Meet The Kitties!

So, 14 cats have been fixed in the last two days.  11 of those are from the Lebanon colony and fed by an 83 year old man.

The other 3 of those 14 came from around an Albany house and there is one more there who needs fixed.  I did not get photos of those three.  But I will describe them.  There was a classic brown tabby boy, for one.  There was a medium hair light orange boy, for two.  Then, to round out the three, was a long hair white girl with a few black blotches here and there.

Someone I know drives through there on her way to the library and had seen them and worried there would soon be lots more cats, if they were not fixed.  She was absolutely right.

So we went over to talk to the folks and they were eager to get them fixed, but the day I picked them up, the wilder black tux (allegedly female) was nowhere to be found and there was too much activity to set the trap I'd brought.

There were only three boys among the 11 I trapped over at the Lebanon colony.   Rascal is HUGE and very beautiful.  Yes, beautiful.  Take a look!

Soft spoken too.

Isn't Rascal something?
Rascal had found his field of dreams, with 8 reproductive age unfixed females.
Until I came along.  Sorry guy.  I think you've done your share.

Then there was Beau, the black and white older male, judged senior in the FCCO records, been around some, but still very sweet.

I've now returned  both Rascal and Beau because their smell was driving my cats mad.

Beau, before he was trapped and, um, neutered.

There have been three long hair gray girls now fixed, including today's girl, Spotty, so named for her white chest spot missing in the other two gray long hairs.  Here she is....

Then there is Splits, a gray girl with a chewed up ear.   The old man thinks a dog did that to her.

Splits, who also has a tiny bit of white on her chest but nothing like Spotty.
And last but not least of the gray girls, there is Norma Normal who reminds me so much of Blueberry, it is uncanny.

Norma Normal
There were two girls judged senior, in age (over six) by the FCCO in their paperwork.  Those would be gray and white girl Suzy and Gray tab on white sweetie---Mrs. Whitey.

Here's is sweet Mrs. Whitey...

Mrs. Whitey is quite wonderful.
Suzy, the gray and white,  is an older kitty and also very nice.
We have the tabbies too, two fuzzy brown tabbies, one a girl and one the third boy, plus a brown tabby on white, with short hair, also a girl.

Matterly, a cute young girl!  The tabby on white!
We have hay lover Martha, a fuzzy tabby girl.
And we have Rusty, who needs some long term antibiotics and eye care, as one eye has turned slightly cloudy.  He is a young male.

Rusty loves Tulip, the young black female who also has a cold and had lice.  The FCCO tested her, because of the lice, but she is negative for Felk and FIV, as was Rusty when he was tested today at Heartland.  Lice can indicate ill health, disease or malnutrition.  Or it can just indicate they live in a very dirty environment.  The pair have been ownership released and will travel to a rescue to get the care they need, and eventually--homes.
Well, now you've met the 11 cats who have been living in my garage since trapped a few days ago.  All but the two who have been released will return tomorrow and that pair will be gone by the end of the weekend.  Off to the Portland rescue taking them in, for care.  The two adult males are already back home.

I gave the cats their names.  The old man would never remember them.  He can't recall the name of his new puppy he got from Safehaven (it's Barney).  I like to name cats.

And as for me, I was happy to solve another cat situation.  It gives me something to do that helps cats and people, and prevents lots of suffering down the line.


  1. So many names, don't know how you remember them all.

  2. I won't remember their names, for very long, nor is it likely that I will ever see these cats again after I return them to the old man's property today. But their faces, with names, will remain on this blog, for as long as I'm alive, at least, as a testament that they existed, lived, loved, suffered and died alongside us, on the planet. Grandiose, eh?

  3. Yes, they will be on your blog and you can look at them any time :)